The Worried Men said [ Yōuxīn chōngchōng zhe shuo (忧心忡忡者说) ]

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The Worried Men said

I once dream of the modern life
but now what I feel is hard to say
These high-rise buildings are more day by day
but the life is so hard here and now
Asking a friend to stop by for a chat at the bar
the popular songs are broadcasting in the radio
but you don't say the words in you real mind
Everyone all wears the doll masks.
in 27 or 28, once I want to have a wife
so I get to know love is filled with much more troubles.
Until I got some erotic stories from the bookstall
I knew there was some ugliness in the marital things.
the Ads time on TV that is more and more
looks like the golden age that is hard to hold back
You can't do what you really want to do
but the unwilling things are more and boring.
Hei yo hei yo hei yo
What should I say
Hei yo hei yo hei yo
What should I say
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Yōuxīn chōngchōng zhe shuo (忧心忡忡者说)