Close your eyes (Затвори очи)

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Close your eyes

This is our karma, we're
so far away of each other.
We turn our joy into separation,
you are husband of other woman.
Refren: (x2)
Close your eyes and dream of me,
hold your hands to touch me,
I'll always be by your side even at the end of the world,
we can survive only with real love!
I thought I could see you,
I thought I'd hear your voice,
and I could sleep next to you,
you could make me wake up with your smile in the morning.
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Затвори очи

Нейде тъй е писано да бъдем,
много надалеч един от друг.
Със теб във радост-раздяла да превърнем,
макар че ти на друга си съпруг!
Затври очи и ме сънувай само ти,
протегни ръце да ме докоснеш.


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