Seven days

Try to align

Seven days

I started the first day I spoke the word,
I started the first evening that the Earth was spun,
My folks told me: "Be what you want, but it has to make money",
I took two MC's, with me it makes three of us, who are also DJ's.

Next came the rhymes from the basement, I won't shut up, you can walk,
I don't like you, you shall not pass, cause I'm not a devil, I therefore am a ghetto-Dacian.
Wordplays, rhymes from the criminal record,
Maybe we'll even get the Nobel prize for peace in the hood.

In all that I've done and I do I still take into account
Three things: two turntables and a mike.
Without them, you're like football without Pelé,
Like Bone without Skin*, a lunatic among the stars.

Until the producers assaulted them**: "Mind you,
You don't wanna do it our way, people will forget your name".
You want me to do it your way? Are you really talking about importance?
You who only have one ball? "Yeah, but I also have a twin brother."

When they were together, there was no way you couldn't be scared,
As monkeys, not even Jim Carey could imitate them.
Then I made him two brown fried eyes***
"With bread and mustard?" No, with dark circles and freckles!

I plugged his brown eye with a shmuck and moreover
My middle finger went up the highest.
I did not obey, but I opposed a humble idea,
And when I broke you I left you seven eight-balls.

Seven days I look six nights before
While I create five rhymes of four words each,
And in all of this, there's three things I take into account:
Two turntables and a mike.

Seven days I think of six enemies,
I have five debtors who have four times as much money
But above them all, there's three things I take into account:
Two turntables and a mike.

One for the moolah, two for the quarrel
The unfrocked Deceneu on directly oral campaign.

The same bullshit, another stereotypical whore:
"Dear, you're worth millions", "Here's five bucks"****,
"When you're finished with the video, can you make me an autograph?"
Can you make me "auto-lips"? Then you can leave

And from that game I also picked up a bunch of fungi,
Then off to the doctor, the situation was tragic,
That wasn't fungi, those were magic beans.

I swore with the hand on the beanstalk and on the ampicillin
That I would search for two free seats and a virgin.
There were shows with obstacles on stage,
Don't curse, don't smoke, don't make obscene gestures.

What am I supposed to sing in the next millennium?
No sex, no drugs, maybe "Rock'n'roll high school kids".
If I'm a bud in the mould, I dance Kozachok in the mud,
If you want good luck in the land, you don't turn the mall into a market.

Sick of empty heads with series objects
Sick of hot air, of genius topics
Sick of empty bottles with special effects
They are all defects, so take them.

Seven days I keep silent, six nights I fuck
Five bitches of which I only like the fourth
But even in between them there's three things I take into account:
Two turntables and a mike.

Seven days I virtually write six songs,
In five shows I mention four elements,
And I emphasize three things that I take into account:
Two turntables and a mike.

I'd give away some of my days and North Pole nights
To see just how masculine the mortal is when agreeing
With the stars when they're in that period of the month
What absorbent do they use that makes them the talk of the town?

With gossip reactivated by messy rags
On bitches out of tune, he swallowed it all.
Bro, you're right, some just don't get it
Whoever wants to be a "godfather" should check this out!

I individually have a spiritual ritual
Textually, I come up with a manual a year on oral and hattrick marking
Punctual only at a penalty
Do you know what I'm sayin' compeer?

Anyone can tell you, there's no one to deny me,
They can only get burned because what they shout cannot stand with fear
And when they're about to scram, I'll make them walk, I swear to you
With three shoes: two on their feet and one up their butt.

Seven days I've been making the same thing for six years
Out of five comrades, four are my enemies
Even with them, there are three things that I take into account:
Two turntables and a mike.

Seven days I stay, six nights I drink,
I go to sleep five times, I wake up four times,
And the last time, there are three things that I take into account:
Two turntables and a mike.

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Коментари аутора:

*"Os" (Bone) and "Piele" (Skin) are two Romanian rappers that the author makes reference to.
**the rhymes in the first verse
***Wordplay - the Romanian expression for fried eggs is "oua ochiuri" (eye-eggs)
****I translated it "five bucks", but the literal meaning is "fifty thousand" - Deceneu refers to the value of 50,000 the old Romanian currency, the approximate equivalent of a dollar fifty.

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