Come to "finish" me [ Ela Na Me Teleioseis (Έλα να με τελειώσεις) ]

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Come to "finish" me

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Since the day you left
I have lost the sun
And the night my little heart
Has caught as prisoner*
Come to finish me off
Only you can do it
Come to finish me off
Don’t deny it to me
In my chest, don’t be afraid,
To nail the knife
You’re what I have and what I don’t have
I’m calling you, listen to me, I don’t bear
Someone else to kiss the lips
That I were kissing
There is no reason anymore to live alone
I’m like the wave
That the rock breaks it
You gave me life and come to take it back
Since the hour I lost
You from my side
My joys become pieces
And my dreams terrors
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Ela Na Me Teleioseis (Έλα να με τελειώσεις)