still (Hanuz - هنوز)


Hanuz - هنوز

Man age hanooz mikhoonam, vase khatere dele tost

Shere man sedaye gham nist, ham sedaye hasrate tost

Azizam agar khazoonam, vasat az bahar mikhoonam

To ro tanha nemizaram, gar che tanha jaa mimoonam

Age too shabaye sardet ba khodet tanha mishini Man barat mikhoonam az eshgh, ta ke farad ro bebini

Age hamseday ashki vase arezooye bar baad Man barat mikhoonam ay gol, nobaharo nabar az yaad

Hame delkhoshim be ine, ke to yedet mondegaram Garche omrie to in dast, ye khazoon bi baharm

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If I am still singing, it is because of your heart.

My poems are not the voice of sorrow, they just echo your longings, your yearnings.

My darling, if I am a withered autumn, but I will sing for you from spring

Although I would be the one that is left alone, but I would never sing about loneliness to you.

If in your cold nights, you sit alone all by yourself, I would sing to you from love, so that the hope of tomorrow would wake in your eyes.

If you would make tears your companion for all those wishes that gone with the wind, I would sing that : hey beautiful blossom, do not forget that spring will come again.

Although in this meadow, I am an everlasting autumn without hope of spring, but my heart would burst with joy if only I would be an everlasting memory in your mind.

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