Hareket vakti

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Hareket vakti

i am like lampblack in ur that clean hands
i am like wound of tongue in ur that innocence words
dont even say 'stay',dont want it from me
be silent tonight
dont even mention about love to me

stop tonight
dont touch me,dont drive me crazy
i dont want to give u hope in vain

there are always sth which is calling
me to away cities
there are sth belonging to me
in that strick laughings

stay as you are again,dont even change for me
i will go today or tomorrow when the setting out time has come

stay as you are again,i am visitor in this city
u shall wave ur hand only,enough, when the setting out time has come

i am like candle
in ut bright eyes
i am like sand
in ur deserts which is without ending without place
i am like winter
in the burning summer sun
i am like thief
in the trace of lipstick on glass
i am like tongue
in ur mole which is on ur cheek

dont say stay even
dont want it from me

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Hareket vakti

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