When you leave (Kad odes ti)

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When you leave

There is not a fully reason
when pain threatens the heart
you, be glad, but i'm here to be lonely
when you close the door once
find shelter from the pain
because it'll be too late to tell it that you love me
When you leave, let it be forever
I know, I won't live two times
When you leave at least leave me that smile
so I will know how to lie like you
There is no fully wisdom
when everything is naked to the bone
you're leaving, i'm staying to mourn
when you defeat a better one once
don't celebrate much
because you still need to learn to love
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Kad odes ti

Tu nema puno pameti
kad tuga srcu zaprijeti
ti raduj se, a ja sam tu da samujem
kad jednom vrata zatvoriš
od bola nađi sklonište
jer kasno je da kažeš mu da voliš me
Kad odeš, daj, nek to bude zauvijek


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