The body-snatcher [ O Tymvoryhos (Ο Τυμβωρύχος) ]

превод на енглески

The body-snatcher

my words are refugees of the night
they (my words) are going to a destination without return
let the squares to scream, i say to you to let them
maybe you find me there at the next turn
the roads are getting more narrow
my friends are ghosts
and generally the city seems to be
a family grave
i m feeling like sink in the water of Strimonas (greek river)
or (sink like) a fisherman into the alluvium of Kerkini (greek lake)
all these are obvious signs to me
i lost again into her face
In Kyvelia the screen is bleeding
And in endless fields I'm dreaming
In Miramare you always swim alone
And Matthew is long time gone
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O Tymvoryhos (Ο Τυμβωρύχος)

Τα λόγια μου της νύχτας μετανάστες
σε δρομολόγια χωρίς επιστροφή
άσ’ τις πλατείες να βογκούν σου λέω άσ’ τες
ίσως με βρεις μες στην επόμενη στροφή
Στενεύουν τα περάσματα
οι φίλοι μου φαντάσματα
κι η πόλη μοιάζει γενικώς