Oh, there up on the mountain (Ой там на горі)

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Oh, there up on the mountain

Oh, there up on the mountain, in the silk grass
Ой, там сиділа пара голубів – Oh, there were sitting a couple of doves
They were kissing and exchanging caresses
Were embracing with warm grey wings
shot appears
He killed the male dove and caught female
He brought it home and put down on the floor
Gave her millet meal and water
But the dove doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink
And flies to the hill to cry
Oh, I’ve got 700 doves
Fly and chose, may be there’s yours
I flew and tried to chose
But there’s no like I was in love to
Even when feathers are the same and puff is the same
But when it hums it is not that vice
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Ой там на горі

Ой, там на горі, в шовковій траві,
Ой, там сиділа пара голубів
Цілувалися, милувалися,
Сизими крильми обнімалися.
Ой, десь узявся мисливець-стрілець,
Голуба убив, голубку зловив,
Додому приніс, додолу пустив,


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