Letting go [ Otpuskayu (Отпускаю) ]

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Letting go

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I cannot breathe, I can't see the sky
I can't understand whether you were or if you were not [here]
[touching] On the hair with the wind, the Sun in the palm/hand
[I'm] yours...
Red clouds, evening hit [us] in the back[part of body]
I'm so light with you, I'm beautiful with you
Furiously in the chest
Your heart is beating
Letting go and in the skies
Flies like yellow leaves
Our last summer (to make sence - read this line first, then the second one, then the first one)
With the stupid telephone letters
Letting go and the tears
Are drying on the lashes
But how could the blue stars
Come in the nightdreams of you and me?
It's early not to be, it's late to believe
I could not love, I could not measure
months behind the window, the Sun in the sunsets with you
And I'm getting down and I'm rising up in the sky
I can't understand whether you were here or you were not
In hundreds of night roads you stay with me
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Otpuskayu (Отпускаю)

Я не могу дышать мне не видно неба
Я не могу понять был ты или не был
Ветром по волосам,солнце в ладони
Красные облака вечер ударил в спину
Я с тобой так легка я с тобою красива
Бешанно так в груди


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