Surrender yourself [ Paradosou (Παραδώσου) ]

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Surrender yourself

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you won't have me unless I want you to
that's why you have to be careful
what you are thinking of, what you believe in, what you are asking for
I know that deep inside you are mistaken again
I know you are wrong and aching
it's unfair to me, the one who is crazy about you
to be so lonely every night
let me try and do not take me back to the past
do not make me remember bygones
To me, who you see as an enemy
and I love everything that is yours
do not resist, tonight surrender yourself, for one night, surrender yourself to me
and when you wake up in your dream
and while I am sleeping by your side again
it is better to ask yourself about you
You just have to understand and run to catch up
with love before it's gone and lost
Do something I am telling you, I know I am not to blame
that you are sad and hurt
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Paradosou (Παραδώσου)

Αν δε θέλω δε θα μ΄έχεις
γι΄αυτό πρέπει να προσέχεις
τί νομίζεις, τι πιστεύεις, τι ζητάς
Ξέρω οτι κάτά βάθος έχεις κάνει πάλι λάθος
ξέρω οτι πέφτεις έξω και πονάς
Είναι άδικο για μένα που τρελαίνομαι για σένα
να με πνίγει κάθε βράδυ η μοναξιά


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