In the middlewinter (Sydäntalvella)




Luona lamppuni lämpöisen
kuluu hetkien kulta
Vielä pimeys ahmaisten
ei sua ottanut multa
Sadun puutarhan aukaiset
sinne kahden me jäämme
Ruusut kukkivat tuliset
hetken ympäri päämme

Kuule ruoskien ikkunaa
viuhuu lumiset siimat
Meren aavalta raivoaa
sydäntalviset viimat

Vasten yötä ja pimeää
täytyy lähteä miehen
Valo ikkunaan häilähtää
vielä hetkeksi tiehen
Luona lamppuni viipyen
sitten muuta en tiedä
Näen myrskyssä poikasen
käyvän kuilujen viedä


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In the middlewinter

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At my warm lamp
Passes the gold of the moments ["gold (of something)" in Finnish usually means the best or the dearest of something]
Yet didn't the darkness, by devouring, ["devour" as in swallow quickly with a single bite]
Take you from me [pretty hard to translate the last two lines in this order, but you get the point]

You open the garden of (the) fairytale
There we stay twofold ["stay" or "are left", just the two of them]
The fiery roses bloom
Around our head( for awhile [the direct translation would be "our head"]

Hear, lashing the window [as in whip lashes. The Finnish word comes directly from "whip"]
Birr the snowy strings ["birr" as in go by or fly quickly with a windy sound, string as in something long and very thing. The same word is used in Finnish for a fishing line]
From the open (of the) sea rages
The breezes of the middlewinter [directly translated "the middlewintery breezes"]

Against/Into the night and the dark [can be understood as either one]
A man must leave
A light of/(from) the window flashes ["flash" as in very gently and almost accidentally]
To the road for a (one last) moment

Staying by my lamp [can be translated also as staying without a reason or when you should for example be elsewhere]
After that I don't know (anything) else
I see a boy/youngster in the storm
Walking beside chasms/gorges


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