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I Wish That

I wish that your age increases 2 years, Because your age like that is so young
It would increase but in your structure, There would be nothing to be changed
Your foundation would be the same, And your color would be the same color
Your eyes would just have been opened, And since now they distract
I wish that
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Yareet Senek (يا ريت سنك)

ياريت سنك يزيد سنتين
عشان سنك كدة صغير
يزيد لكن في تكوينك، مفيش ولا حاجة تتغير
قوامك هوا هوا يكون
ولونك يبقى نفس اللون
عيونك لسا بتفتح ومن دلوقتي بتحير


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