Africa (Afrika)

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I am spicy as a pepper
I am hot as Africa
sweet as a banana
but granny won't let me
We don't care about rockers
we don't listen to operas
we kiss the young boys
we sing folk
We aren't just going anywhere
we are going to Hollywood
we're filming
comedies and criminal movies
Поставио/ла: mabushii У: Уторак, 13/03/2012 - 23:03


Ljuta sam k'o paprika
vrela sam k'o Afrika
slatka k'o banana
al' me ne da nana


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српски → енглески - mabushii
MayGoLoco     March 14th, 2012

Ljuta = hot (spicy)
nana = granny

sisamo > šišamo > we don't care about rockers

mladice = young boys

Mi necemo bilo kud = we aren't just going anywhere

snimamo filmice smesne i krimice = we're filming comedies and criminal movies