It is great pleasure to enjoy


Bel Piacere è godere


Bel piacere e godere fido amor!
questo fa contento il cor.
Di bellezza non s'apprezza lo splendor
se non vien d'un fido cor.

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Video added by request on 12/4/12. =SilentRebel83.

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It is great pleasure to enjoy

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It is great pleasure to enjoy a faithful love!
it pleases the heart.
Splendor is not measured by beauty
if it does not come from a faithful heart.

Поставио/ла: TrampGuy У: Понедељак, 12/03/2012 - 14:14
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The name of this song is actually "Bel piacere è godere" so I've translated the title accordingly. Of course, there's a need to fix the 'e' on the first line to an 'è'.

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