I wake up (Budim Se)

  • Извођач: S.A.R.S. (Свеже ампутирана рука Сатријанија)
  • Песма: Budim Se
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I wake up

I'm passing and the doors that I've got
I know that I do not have the strength to keep
all those pictures and images that I dream
but I am still really trying
That at the world,that at the world I look better
because I can so easily go crazy
When I see people lose the will
I immediately start to wake up
I wake up, wake up
I wake up, wake up
wake up
From lethargy of a gloomy flocks I'm forcing them away like clouds
and only at times I hear the sound of the song
then the world, then at the world I look better
I know that I will not so easily go crazy
When I see people in a bad mood
I immediately start to wake up
I wake up, and plus I'm trying to not totally go insane
this country, plus these people, the whole world that objurgate us
sad people because others are full of cash, others are...
falsely arrest, falsely conclude, falsely judge
When you ask 'where is it',they lie wise, they say 'let ...'
You don't speak,you let it all go until it becomes quite thick
You act stupid in a macho way and you are crazy,and furious like a mad dog with a foam in his teeth
you lose time,time isn't coming back, and you realize you are wide awake
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