The last kiss (Der Letzte Kuss)

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The last kiss

Someday, for all will come the day
on which we'll pay for everything, then we're standing there
Thinking about how nice it all was
Regret our mistakes, had liked to do have done it all differently
(had liked to) Never have done our malignities
We live hidden, erase all traces
For others and for ourselves
So that no one ever sees, who we are in reality
Where's the place for the most honest kiss
I know I must find it for us
On a street in the rain, on a mountain close to the moon
Or can we only get him from the death's bed
Were's the place for an honest kiss
The only one I still have to give you
All those, that are the closest to us, we prefer to hurt
And the question why, haunts us our entire life
When is the time for an honest kiss
That has to release us from all our lies
Give me the time for an honest kiss
We want to kiss like that, at least in the end
It has to be one, that forgives everything
That forgives everything and releases us both
You should give it to me - I do am a thief
But stolen it's worthless, and then I don't need it
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Der Letzte Kuss

Irgendwann kommt für jeden der Tag
An dem man für alles bezahlt, dann stehn' wir da
Denken, wie schön es mal war
Bereuen unsere Fehler, hätten gern alles anders gemacht
Hätten all unsere Boshaftigkeiten niemals getan
Wir leben versteckt, wischen all unsere Spuren weg
Vor den anderen und vor uns selbst