Live (Ziveo)

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It is better to save
what ties us
a little luck
that the years bring us
To settle down at home
to care for me better
in front of that light
to not shame and embarrass me
Oooo, I'm not easy
aaaa, but love kills me
if I got crazy of all
you, you don't get compensation
Chorus 2X
live, live for me
love, love like everyone
remain, remain alone
I know
Поставио/ла: wiltedamaranth У: Понедељак, 05/09/2011 - 16:15
Коментари аутора:

'Živeo' means cheers as well as live, but for the sake of translating I used live.



Bolje je da spasis
ono sto nas veze
ovo malo srece
sto godine donose nam
Da se kuci skrasis
na mene bolje pazis
da me pred tim svijetom


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