En Yesuve Unnai Naan


En Yesuve Unnai Naan

Album : Naan Maraven

En yesuve unnai naan
Maraven maraven,,,,
Ennalum un arulai naan
Paadi makizhthiruppen,,, En yesuve

Un naamam en vaayil
Nal thenai inikkirathu
Un vaazhvu en nenjil
Nal seithiyai thonikkirathu
Un anpe naalum ennumpothu
Aanantham pirakkirathu,,, En yesuve

Un nenchin kanavukale
Niraivetta naan uzhaippen
Uravaagum paalankalai
Ulakengum naan amaippen
Irai aatchi malarum kaalam vareyil
Inithai enai alippen,,,, En yesuve

Try to align

En Yesuve Unnai Naan

Album : Naan Maraven (I won't forget)

My Jesus, I won't forget you
I won't forget you
Everyday I will sing
Your bessings and become happy

Your name is in my mouth
And it gives the taste of honey
Your life gives echo
In my heart as good news
When I count your love
Happiness raises

I will work hard
To fulfill the dreams of you
I will make on whole earth
The bridges of relation
I will dedicate myself
Until your kingdom blossoms

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