Hi there, new face here :3

Umm hello there everyone at LT! For starters let me apologize if my intro post isn't so big and grand... I always sucked making long intro topics ^^; Anyhow...!

I'm Taniyatsu but you can call me Tani-kun or whatever you desire x3 (<--- silly face xD). I'm 29 years old, living by myself at Helsinki, Finland and my hobbies are; reading/watching anime/manga books/series as well as comic books, listening music, playing some video games, watching tv/youtube videos and "surfing" on the internet. I'm a big PASTA and Vocaloid fan. :3 Hmm what else to tell you about me... I really don't know... if you have anything in mind feel free to ask. :3


SilentRebel83     July 19th, 2012

Welcome to LT!

Knee427     July 17th, 2012

Welcome to LT!! Have a good time here Smile!! Good contributions Laughing out loud

aylin_22     July 16th, 2012

Oh, just like me...but I write everything better than I speak Smile But that's because I always want to speak too quickly and then I don't find my words or I make mistakes...When I write I can always double-check before sending stupid things...

Taniyatsu     July 16th, 2012

Yeah, I'm the same. I always double check things but sometimes i'm just too tired to do that and I send something stupid xD;

aylin_22     July 16th, 2012

Hello! Welcome to LT Smile ! I hope you'll enjoy it!!! I suppose your main languages are Finnish (which looks extremely difficult to many people...) and English (that almost all Finns are speaking perfectly)...Are there any other languages you're fluent in or that you're more interested in? Always good to know Wink

Taniyatsu     July 16th, 2012

@aylin_22: Well I know a bit of japanese... I'm a hardcore Japan-fan and I'm mostly interested in that. I've been japan-fan /anime/manga fan ever since I saw Sailor Moon as my first anime. it's been awhile, so I started to become japan/anime/manga fan since late 90's :3 I write better english than I speak though Smile