Devour or die [ Friss oder Stirb (Remix 2009) ]

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Devour or die

We're feeling really good, even in the delirium
A paradise in front of our eyes
We make our dreams come true, we're all superstars
You only have to believe in it each day
Oh, I love this life, a bit of longing won't kill me
Blow the Neue Mitte, propaganda s*cks
"Devour or die" is the slogan
We've had enough of this bullsh*t and the whole hypocrisy
These old soups packed in new cans
Oh, I love this life, a bit of longing won't kill us
And every day is like a new miracle (a shocking miracle)
And every day is like a new friend (your new friend)
And if someday it stays dark forever
The last evening will be our best
Unity and right and freedom and solidarity
We're so tired because of this good night prayer
These oh so fine words nobody wants to hear anymore
Besides time we have nothing to loose
Good morning new Germany, we live today for the first time
And our heart needs no reforms
We finally want to breathe again, we need just a bit of air
We won't give up yet
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Friss oder Stirb (Remix 2009)

Uns geht es richtig gut, selbst im Delirium,
ein Paradies vor unseren Augen.
Wir machen unsere Träume wahr, wir sind alle Superstars,
man muss nur jeden Tag dran glauben.
Oh, ich liebe dieses Leben, das bisschen Sehnsucht bringt mich nicht um.
Scheiß auf die neue Mitte, Propaganda kann uns mal!


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