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Moorish ground forever
Olive gardens, Allah's garden
There are walls around you
And in the Alhambra you can hear a prayer.

So far from you I have to miss you
Since that april I cannot forget your look
My blood is boiling, it's almost madness
Since that cursed april.

Granada, your wind mixed of scents of the land
Provoking my smile and memories of a desired time;

Although I lose myself in imaginations
But I'd die to go back there
And sit down to reflect
The downfall from the Albayzin.

So far from you and I don't forget your pleasure
Since that april I think I'm going on bewitched
My blood is burning, I'm somebody else
Since that cursed april.

Granada, your wind tastes of jazmin and rosemary
Being like caresses, the touch of a sweet memory

White villages of paint and lime
Like an oasis in the desert
Reflections in the mountain range
They're ghosts in the darkness
That blind my eyes when the dawn comes

Like Garcia Lorca, crazy lover
Whom this piece of earth saw dying

Granada, your wind of sea, rivers, sun and mountains
Left open a wound of good moments
That darken my eyes when I realize
That I keep thinking of Granada.

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