Love in Guangdao [ Guangdao Zhi Lian (广岛之恋) ]


Guangdao Zhi Lian (广岛之恋)

☆ 早该停止风流的游戏
★ 愿被你抛弃就算了解而分离
★ 不愿爱的没有答案结局
☆ 终于明白恨人不容易
★ 爱恨消失前用手温暖我的脸
☆ 爱过你
☆ 爱过你
★ 爱过你
★ 爱过你>
Поставио/ла: maëlstrom У: Петак, 15/04/2011 - 08:12
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Love in Guangdao

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You should have rejected me long time ago.
You should not have let me want you,
Or given me the story I long for,
Or left me the name I can’t forget.
Time is not to come back; space is too easy to break.
The love for 24 hours,
That’s the beautiful memory I can't forget for all my life.
We went beyond the moral.
We strolled through the prohibited area of love.
We enjoyed the illusion of happiness,
And misunderstood the meaning of joy.
Who has enough courage to say "I want to leave you"?
I want just today; I don’t want to say goodbye tomorrow,
When I sit and watch the love fall through the fingers.
There is no time to love you good.
I should have stopped playing love.
I want you to turn your back on me even if I know that we must break up.
I want to see the love to have a clear end.
There is no time to hate you good.
Now I know it is not easy to hate anyone
Before love and hate go away, please warm my cheeks with your hands
To make me sure that I really loved you.
I loved you.
I loved you.
I loved you.
I loved you.
Поставио/ла: snorio У: Петак, 15/04/2011 - 10:26
Added in reply to request by maëlstrom
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snorio    Петак, 15/04/2011 - 10:28

Something is wrong here. Not the whole translation does not show here, but only part of it. Sad smile

algebra    Петак, 15/04/2011 - 10:37

That happened because you wrote the text between signs "", so it was understood as a code Regular smile

maëlstrom    Петак, 15/04/2011 - 10:44

I didn't suspect you were that good at Chinese, Norioさん。どうもありがとうございました Wink smile
Btw, I guess that Guangdao is Hiroshima's Mandarin name. Maybe you can add it in the title, it's up to you.

Mauler    Петак, 15/04/2011 - 10:49

"Guangdao" is "Canton" province? So... "Cantonese Love" ?

snorio    Петак, 15/04/2011 - 11:01

I did not mention Hiroshima because I was not sure. Now I know it is Hiroshima, not Canton Province, which is 广东(Guǎngdōng).

snorio    Петак, 15/04/2011 - 11:13

Thanks maëlstrom. I am sure you are good enough at Chinese too.

maëlstrom    Петак, 15/04/2011 - 13:54

Not that much Tongue smile
I'm afraid that you made a little mistake:


We enjoyed the illusion of love

Doesn't xìngfú rather mean, "happiness"?

snorio    Субота, 16/04/2011 - 01:31

Yes, you are right. Thanks for pointing out.

MisSing20    Уторак, 19/04/2011 - 05:13

Hi, I've never heard this before but it's a beautiful song. Small edits because I think it captures the meaning slightly more accurately.

☆ 早该停止风流的游戏
★ 愿被你抛弃就算了解而分离
★ 不愿爱的没有答案结局

There isn't enough time for me to love you properly
I should've stopped playing around earlier
I am willing to be left by you if I know the reason why
But I don't want this love to end without answers

☆ 终于明白恨人不容易
★ 爱恨消失前用手温暖我的脸

There isn't enough time for me to hate you properly
I finally understand that hating someone isn't easy
Before love and hate fades use your hands to warm my cheeks
Show me that I did once truly love you