"I" (I)

  • Извођач: Hlin (홀린)
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  • Песма: I
превод на енглески


to me the tangled moonlight
it's like a half hidden black bruise
the light that gets wet the alley
the rain that slices deep my heart
I soaked my mind in black,
colored autumn leaves, and
the sodden thoughts
a night hidden in black tears
I'm buried in the rain
I'm left inside
the raindrops that fall on me
it endlessly dips me into
I hide myself in the rain
In the falling rain
my white hand becomes black
my heart that's lost its way
burns into the thick night
I am face down in the rain
it kills me
in the remaining lye
I endlessly kill my breath
it kills me
I'm buried in the rain
I'm left inside
in the lye that I got
I suffocate the reality
I am face down in the rain
it ties me up
the black reality
is endlessly dyed
it's time for the grey rain
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내게 얽힌 달빛을
반쯤 가린 검은 멍
골목 젖은 불빛들
마음 깊이 저민 비
검게 물든 낙엽에
나를 적신 마음과