My little car (Jimmy Mi Carcachita)

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My little car

Tengo siempre lista mi carcacha
(I always have ready my car)
pah subir a las muchachas
(to bring up the girls)
y llevarlas a pasear
(and take them for a trip)
lenta asi siempre va su marcha
(slow so goes its drive)
al ritmo de mi carcacha
(to my car's rhythm)
todos vamos a cantar
(we are all going to sing)
chaca chaca chaca chucu chaca cha...
Asi marcha mi carcacha muy contento me ponia a cantar
(so my car drives, very happy i start to sing)
Mi carcachita
(my little car)
vamos todos, todos a bailar
(we are all, all to dance)
Todos me saludan cuando paso
(all greet me when I pass)
y me gritan "que carrazo"
(and they shut at me 'what a car")
y se empiezan a burlar
(and they start making fun)
Pero no me importa lo que digan
(but I don't care what they may say)
soy feliz con mi carcacha
(im happy with my car)
con ella voy a cantar!! Y DICE
(with it im gonna sing!! AND IT SAYS)
chaca chaca chaca chaca chaca chaca ca cha
Asi marcha mi carcacha muy contento se ponia a cantar...Mi carcachita YES YES
(so drives my car very happy it starts to sing...My little car)
Vamos todos, todos, todos, todos...a bailar
(we are all, all, dance)
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I hope you get to enjoy it!! I also hope it makes sense as I translate it exactly from Spanish to English
Greetings from Australia


Jimmy Mi Carcachita

if anyone has any information on Jimmy could you please tell me what you know. he's like a ghost on the internent, all his files and records have been deleted. its like he never existed. his real name is jamie huitron thats all i know. thanks everyone!