How many times do I say I won't (Koliko puta kazem necu)

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How many times do I say I won't

You said only death
Could part us
You swore, you and me untill the end
My love
It's all a lie
You're leaving with him
How many times do I say I won't
But when I see you I immediatley fall
I have to go my own fay
Because I know I'll suffer again
Because your love burns me
What can I hope for with you
And if I forgive you
I know I'll suffer again
I'm alone again
And I believe that's the best way
It hurt's me, but I'll endure
This will also pass
But one thing, I know
When bad things pass, good things come
Поставио/ла: MayGoLoco У: Петак, 19/11/2010 - 19:33
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Lucas Caetano1 година 24[1] недеље
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Koliko puta kazem necu

Rekla si da samo smrt
moze da nas rastavi
klela se, do kraja ja i ti
moja ljubavi
To sve je laz
ti ides s njim


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