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The liar (f)

Well I do lie, passionately
To my friends, to my parents
To the shopkeeper, to Sir the agent
I lie so much, it is embarassing
I pretend I knew Brad Pitt
By the way, he hasn't such a big...
Anyway, had I known, wouldn't've come
Moreover, isn't that handsome when naked
To my friends, I just lie
My lovers, I taught them everything
In the end, Johnny told me*
"I love you so
You've got talent, heh !"
Oh, me ? Really ! Oh, thanks !
Well I do lie, since I don't know when
I thought "Better pretending
Than being taken for a saphead"
I pretend I'm Mitterand's other daughter**
And to fuel the myth
I'm the one who dumped Johnny Depp
Well, he'll get over it, he's a big boy !
He was fawning, he was boring !
To my friends, I just lie
My lovers, I taught them everything
And even if it's not very nice
I don't see how to do otherwise !
Of course, all things considered, it's not easy
Not to lose the thread
At times, I'd like to flee, go away from here
To be alone on an island
Well I do lie, but not to you
Cause with you, I wanna speak about me
I hope you won't do like the others
Who are laughing and pointing at me
Well I lie, even if you don't really like it
You all, who act like you didn't know anything
At least, now, it's give-and-take
I'm not the only one who's pretending
To my friends, I just lie
My lovers, I taught them everything
And even if it's really crazy
I promise, I can't help it
Of course I know, I'm not stupid
But, at the very least, fragile
And I might
End up in the loony bin !
Arrrr ! I don't want to go there ! It stinks !
Leave me alone, don't touch me !
Rrrrrr !
Well I do not lie since this morning
Since I've gained ground
I thought it really sucked
And above all that it makes no sense
All is left for me is to call all my buddies
In order to become more popular
And we'll be laughing as before
Before I made them waste their time
To you my friends, I just lie
To my lovers I taught them everything
In the end, so it is, that's my life
I don't see how to do otherwise !
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*Johnny Hallyday
**Former French President, turned out he had a daughter from another union, named Mazarine

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La menteuse

Ben moi, je mens, passionnément
À mes amis, à mes parents
Au marchand, à monsieur l'agent
Je mens tellement, c'en est gênant
J' fais croire que j'ai connu Brad Pitt
D'ailleurs l'a pas une si grosse...
Enfin, j'aurais su, j'aurais pas v'nu


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