I (feel) sorry [ Lypamai (Λυπάμαι) ]

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I (feel) sorry

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Helpless and alone
a pawn in your hands
that you do with it anything you like
and take it anywhere you want.
In your life I'm but a stooge
How can you be so audacious
and to those who love you
you turn your back.
But my patience is wearing thin
I'll get you out of my life
But before I leave you
I want to say to you
I feel sorry for your
and that behavior of yours
you knew better than anyone else
how to hurt me
and how to always do what you wanted
how to look out for yourself
how not to care about me
and try
to take advantage of anything
you can from me
A lead little soldier
in your little game
I do anything you ask me
without a protest
I keep believing in you but in vain
and make dreams with you
How could you ever love me
the way I love you?
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Lypamai (Λυπάμαι)

Αβοήθητη και μόνη
Μεσ΄ τα χέρια σου ένα πιόνι
Που ότι θες εσύ το κάνεις
Κι όπου θες το πας
Στη ζωή σου εγώ κομπάρσος
Που το βρίσκεις τόσο θράσος
Και σ΄ αυτούς που σ΄ αγαπάνε
Τη πλάτη σου γυρνάς


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