Sailor, my love (Meu amor marinheiro)


Meu amor marinheiro

Tenho ciúmes,
Das verdes ondas do mar
Que teimam em querer beijar
teu corpo erguido às marés.
Tenho ciúmes
Do vento que me atraiçoa
Que vem beijar-te na proa
E foge pelo convés.
Tenho ciúmes
Do luar da lua cheia
Que no teu corpo se enleia
Para contigo ir bailar
Tenho ciúmes
Das ondas que se levantam
E das sereias que cantam
Que cantam p'ra te encantar.
Ó meu "amor marinheiro"
Amor dos meus anelos
Não deixes que à noite a lua
Roube a côr aos teus cabelos
Não olhes para as estrelas
Porque elas podem roubar
O verde que há nos teus olhos
Teus olhos, da côr do mar.

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Sailor, my love

I feel jealous
Of the green waves of the sea
That insistently try to kiss
your body, as you stand before the tides.
I feel jealous
Of the wind that betrays me
Kissing you as you stand in the bow,
And runs away through the deck.
I feel jealous
Of the light of the full moon
That curls up around your body
In order to dance with you
I feel jealous
Of the waves that rise along your way
and of the mermaids that sing
That sing to charm you
Oh sailor, my love
Oh lord of my desires
Don't let the moon at night
Steal the color from your hair
Don't look at the stars
Because they would steal
The green of your eyes
These eyes color of the sea.

Поставио/ла: algebra У: Четвртак, 13/05/2010 - 17:22
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MauriceV2 године 49 недеља
Kamran     March 28th, 2011

I can't stop the tears as I read Algebra's poetic words and listen to this beautiful artist. I'm stunned!!!

algebra     March 29th, 2011

She's quite young but a super fadista. I had her first album, amazing Smile

algebra     March 29th, 2011

And besides, Portuguese is just this, beauty and poetry. I'm really really proud of it Smile

MauriceV     December 14th, 2012

Translation is good but I would have modulated the English a little to match the feeling of the song.