When did "you and I" become "we"? (När blev du och jag vi?)

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When did "you and I" become "we"?

Nothing left to live for
You have nothing left at all
For when I leave you
You stood there with empty hands
Deep in your sorrow
I only wonder
When did "you and I" become "we"?
You know yourself
That it will never be so
I have said
That I want to be single and free
I only wonder
When did "you and I" become "we"?
Do you still chase me?
Or have you given up?
Too late, I'm leaving you
I have not gotten any time at all
To be alone and free
I remember our time together
I still have not forgotten
But sometimes I wish
That it was all a dream
Поставио/ла: linds113 У: Уторак, 01/05/2012 - 02:16

När blev du och jag vi?

Inget kvar att leva för
Du har inget kvar alls
För när jag lämna dig
Stod du där med tomma händer


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