His temper [ Nafseyeto (نفسيتة) ]

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His temper

How is his temper?? so that I can tell him and talk to his majesty
So that I can open the subject, test the water and find a solution for myself
Some one please tell me how his mood works , because I am nervous around him
I am fed up with him and his indifference(coldness), the world revolves around him
I am by-hearting what I want to say ( but) once I see him I forget
He is closing all the doors in my face ( tried all ways with him but he is not giving in)
I say a word and he shut me up ( change the subject) , He is hard to get and conceited
My eye is awake without a blink of sleep , I am Sorry my eye
He is pushing it too far because he knows I am in love with him and I would die if I give up and leave him
I swear this type can only come around with a pinch in the ear ( with force)
But truth to be told, after knowing him I saw his kindness behind his frown
Thats why I am under his service, I give in to him in seconds ( take him in my embrace)
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I tried my best to convey the meaning..because it mostly written in slangs..so they are hard to translate

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Nafseyeto (نفسيتة)

ايه اخبار نفسيتو عشان اقولوا واكلم حضرتو
عشان امهدلوا واشوف سكتو واشوفلى حل معاه
حد يقولى نظام موده اصلى انا بتلخبط فى وجوده
ياويلى منه يابروده الكون ماشي على هواه
عماله اعيد فى اللى بقوله واشوفه بسكت ولا اقوله
مفيش طريق بدخلهوله الا ويسده فى وشى
اجى اقوله كلمه ويقفل ده صعب جدا ومقفل
سهرانه عينى ولا بتغفل ياعينى سورى معلش


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