Love (Ljubav)

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Everything we had to say
silence said it for us
well, I saw it with my eyes closed
that there was a third person between us
And I don't understand why you are waking me up now
because from this point we've already been through it all for hundred times
there, here, always around
again in circle, we came back to the same
Love is playing hide and seek with us
how pathetic
love is our labyrinth
in which we're not finding our way
Come on, now or never, confess everything to me
run, or save me, or betray me
come on, now or never be mine
or never offer yourself to me again
Come on, now or never, tell me everything
and may or lies freeze
come on, now or never, who's dividing (?)
may love win in us
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Sve što imali smo reći
rekla je tišina mjesto nas.
Ma, vidio sam i zmureći
da neko treći je izmedju nas.


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