Father (Otec)

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One nice morning, wise father told me;
Boy, you have to strike quickly, it's better than running away.
I looked up, pale stars hung up there
something like that is nestled within me,
something like that is nestled within me.
And the same morning, wise mother told me;
Boy, wake up already, we won't be here forever!
Then, a light shone in my mind
There's something to it, but I'm ignoring it.
In my mind, I have a feeling of a mass murderer
when you're lying down naked next to me,
and it's pulling me away.
Поставио/ла: Soren У: Субота, 07/04/2012 - 19:37
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rickyramirez10004 године 45 недеља


Jedno pekné ráno povedal mi múdry otec
chlapče musíš rýchlo udrieť, je to lepšie ako utiecť
Pozrel som sa hore, viseli tam bledé hviezdy
niečo z toho vo mne hniezdi, niečo z toho vo mne hniezdi


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