Putin's Plan (Plan Putina)

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Putin's Plan

Let our enemies writhe with anger,
Let them give vent to their bile because of their impotence
Very soon their pathetic, vain days will come to an end:
Putin's Plam is the plan of Russian revival!
Anyway the president doesn't have any competitors.
There is one national leader - Vladimir Putin.
Russian world will get united under his leadership,
President Vladimir Putin is our hero and idol.
Russian people applaud to him with happiness:
He can do everything, he's got everything in his power in the country!
Putin's Plan will open new horizons for us,
Time to destroy has gone by, now it's time to build.
President's message is the saint words,
written by him in the moment of the highest insight.
Glory to Russia, glory to the capital Moscow!
Putin is the fairytale epic hero, no doubt.
We believe in our power and it is the most important,
We know that we can do anything having Putin's Plan!
Our great orthodox country is getting uo high,
We have PUtin, God and United Russia!
Putin's Plan isn't bluff or racket
He is the hero of songs and bylinas
Inhale....and pass to the right
Putin's Plan comes from Chuy Valley.
Morning, it grudged some light for Kremlin walls,
It's grey, empty and sullen in the president's residence
He sits in his chair, looks through Limonka, makes out being busy
President has smoked and waits for it to affect.
He picks up the phone: "Hallo, wanna eat"
President inhales once again and it got him:
Space nanoships are flying through the nanoUniverse
Since today "nano" - fucking rocks!
We pump oil at the Venus, gas - at Alpha Centauri!
They give 1 pound of dollars for ruble - this is classy!
Summit in Vladivostok? Who needs it?
APEC Summit on the Moon - the roads are not worse there!
Putin's Plan is the road from here to the happiness.
Olympic rings of total power sparkle on the fingers.
All medals in all kinds of sports in a full set.
Now all the Olympics in Sochi in winter and summer.
"Hustler" fights "Playboy" for the President's photo,
Putin's Plan goes great without any troubles or fails.
Which successor? Well, let it be a dog Koni
or Sergey Ramzanych Medvedev, are you happy now?
We are a superpower, big-pancakes come with coke-kvass!
Where's the Europe? Serve first class!
President is satisfied, he sees Russia to be a paradise already
Putin's plan is prime, you see how it gets?
If you go under Putin's Plan, -
it's all the same to kiss a fish or Nikita,
It's all the same what the year "two thousand and eight" brings -
if you have Putin's PLan and cigarettes.
President melted, it has got abated
Glory to the Chuy Valley and to Russia!
Поставио/ла: Jane1smart У: Уторак, 24/07/2012 - 11:27

Plan Putina

"План" Путина Корейские LEDчики
Пускай враги наши в ярости корчатся,
Пускай испускают желчь в своем бессилии.


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