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why to sing ballads?

As singing ballads is something that needs knowledge,
Those who make them must have the know-how
And also lots of words to know how to say what is intended to tell [in the song]
Because that’s the right way to make a good ballad
And although I don’t meet these two requirements the way I wanted to,
I will still try to show a little bit of what I know,
Trusting in God, whence comes knowledge
Because through Him I believe I can show a little bit of what I want to
And what I want to is to praise The Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord, Holy Mary, which is the best thing He did,
And that’s why, since today I wish to become his troubadour
And I beseech him to allow me to be his Troubadour
And I wish he wants to receive my ballads
Because through them I want to spread the miracles she [Virgin Mary] has done
And from now on I want also stop singing ballads to another lady and try to recover the time I lost [singing those ballads for her]
So I ask her [Holy Mary] if she wants me to honor her in my songs
And if she approves it, then she can maybe give me the blessings she usually gives to those whom she loves.
And this way maybe those who also know how to make ballads will start doing it gladly in her honor as well.
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*Razon = The topic of a ballad/ditty and an specific way of approaching it. Something like ‘know-how’

I don't know how to translate the verb "trobar".
I was going use “to versify” or ''to rhyme'' but I think it sounded odd. So I used 'to sing ballads'
by ballads I meant ''cantigas''. Should I have used 'ditty' in place of ballad?
Any thoughts?

Please, feel free to correct any mistakes I've made in order to make the translation more understandable in English.

thanks Smile

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Prólogo: Porque trobar

Porque trobar é cousa en que jaz
entendimento, poren queno faz
ao d'aver e de razon assaz,
per que entenda e sabia dizer
o que entend' e de dizer lle praz,
ca ben trobar assi s'a de ffazer.
E macar eu estas duas non ey


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