I Want to Wake Up (Quiero despertar)

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I Want to Wake Up

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My eyes sting
for being inside this ocean
with (eyes) open.
my soul shouts out and tells me
that it can't stand it anymore,
it needs you to feed it (it misses your food)
and my lips are dying of thirst
for not being able to taste (have) your kisses.
I want to wake up and see that you're here,
even though they would kill me,
because i know you'd have to leave.
i don't know what hurts more - to be with or without you,
let me clarify what i want to say:
i would rather die for loving you
than to live (my) life without you by my side.
i know that you don't like it when it rains,
that you suffer a great deal,
it's hard for you to get up and see everything fall down,
lean on me, that's how much i feel about you,
every breath i take is because of you.
by my side,
by my side,
by my side.
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