That's life

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That's life (енглески) — That's life

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That's life — Αυτο ειναι ζωη-A life very good.

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That's life — Такова жизнь

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That's life — Así es la vida, así si es como las cosas son.

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Kurdish (Kurmanji)!ژیانە ئیتر
данскиSådan er spillet
енглескиThat's the way the ball bounces.
енглескиThat's the way the cookie crumbles.
италијанскиè la vita
мађарскиIlyen az élet!
немачкиSo ist das Leben.
турскиHayat böyle işte
филипинскиGanyan talaga ang buhay.
францускиC'est la vie!

"That's life" in lyrics

Aaaaay, this is not anatomy
It is not necessary to give time to time
I love someone else, that's life, and the world knew it
I am very convinced: you would be the best match
But no one chooses whom to love.

Aventura - I Would Want to Love You

That's life, that's life

I think of it and then I forget it
That's life, that's life

Jacques Dutronc - And I and I and I

We are proud individuals
Living for the city
But the flames
Couldn’t go much higher

We find God and religions

Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky

you don't love me anymore
It hurts even more
to know that tomorrow doesn't exist anymore...
My love, that's life, it's just like that
I played with love, and I lost you
And now, I go back home, alone

Julio Iglesias - That's life

I see people bend their backs
As if life is worth nothing
Me, I’m fifteen and I’m telling you
Whoa whoa… I love life
(I love life- life, all of life)
I too, must believe

Sandra Kim - I Love Life

If you give me one night as before
Yes, when I kissed you from head to toe
I remember when we planned everything a month ago
That's life, we ended upside down, Okay
I know it caused you many tears
Consequences of your friends's evilness

Kevin Roldan - One More Night

Or send him to the statues in Body Worlds
I don't think Copperfield or Uri Geller would be interested
Na, I'll just put him with the others in my basement
People come, corpses go, that's life
Then back to the bar as if nothing happened

SDP - A Dead Body

Loving you comforts me during the sleepless (white) nights
(It's) Something that fills old burning stories
Loving you comforts me, makes me happy
What do you want to do about it, that's life
It's life, my life
Love me again, do it gently

Gianna Nannini - Loving you

I know very well that you're leaving and not thinking of talking
And that at the least you intend to never return
But life (darling), let me bless you
Because that's life and I know you'll come back.

The moment has arrived in which you want to fly away

Alejandro Fernández - Don't Kiss Him

Each time I find myself layin' flat on my face
I just pick myself up and get back in the race

That's life [that's life], that's life and I can't deny it
Many times I thought of cuttin' out but my heart won't buy it
But if there's nothin' shakin' come this here July

Frank Sinatra - That's Life

Why always think
That it can't happen to others
It's too bad that we don't have the chance
That's life and it's life's fault
Must not let your self go
We are young, the future is before us

Shy'm - Victory

These shabby legs won’t bend
and ache the darned
hobble once and hobble twice
through life’s misery.
Daylong toil, ruffian toil!
everyone beating: masters, slaves;

Nikos Xilouris - The ballad of mr. Mentios

Where it is not proper.
So, her life has been scarred.

So, that's life for these two co-eds.
They shout it out to the heavens.
And they promise their eternal love,

Don Omar - China Dolls

[M. Pokora]

Maman sings alone
Maman waltzes all alone
Her childhood dreams went down the drain
Nobody dreams of being alone

M. Pokora - Better than us

Life is just a Moment
And who knows the beginning and the end
Knows that it's all about
Are we happy

What can we do for each other

2raumwohnung - Besser geht’s nicht

And walking around the city
I found another romance
who told me, "Pal
that's life
just forget, just forget her".

Zaz - Forget Loulou

you always love what u can't forget
they seek the forbiden girl or look for a lover
that's life
when the woman's thouched
love and then lose

Ivy Queen - Que Lloren

Do forget the little bastards
Who did that to you.
Don't worry, sweetheart,
That's life, don't cry
I beg you, sweetheart,
Don't cry.

Zaz - Sweetheart

That's life, that's life

I am thinking about it and then I forget it
That's life, that's life

Jacques Dutronc - And I and I and I

that's life
that's life
that's life

oh, the waters of the Seine are tears of the heart

Fish Leong - That's Life

We never will be
We never will be

And that's wonderful, and that's life
That's you, baby
This is me, baby

Nelly Furtado - Try

My hand are blood red

Your life came from the lap of a woman
Now she's taking it from you, that's life

Üebermutter - Rest gently

united by the will, by common feelings
simply gathered, ew've nothing to be afraid of
well, it's what one says, but it's not always what man sees
I asked why, i'v been answered "that's life"
may I give my opinion? should I stay out of that?
when love turn to hate and that some tear apart in front of me

Sniper - Sans (re)pères

How boring, I'll trade it for your cash

[The Troop]
That's life,
The life that caresses
And which hurts

Les Enfoirés - Your Whole Life

Love, Love takes all of our Life,
Life, Life dies for Love
Love, Love lives for Life,
That's Life, and that's Love..

Édith Piaf - La Vie, l"Amour

That's life
Lalala, lalala, lalala
That's life
That's life

Fabrice Mauss - That's life

How difficult it is to say "I'm sorry",
To betray a vow,
an anniversary without promises,
without one kiss,
to defile the bed we slept in,
and the table we enjoyed,

Ricky Martin - That's life

In your eyes in front of your mirror
But you, you don't see it pass

That's life, Lily
When you sleep in the streets of town
You are quite old, you remember

Joe Dassin - That's Life, Lily

You, for sure
Hurt me a lot
But that's life, it's like that
That's normal
Don't worry, myself

Gérald de Palmas - I forgive you

they're going to Germany with tears and pain

"Duddy why are you going? Tell me way"
"Cause that's life, (my) poor children
Poor man is working and sweating
to make the bosses thicker with his work"

Haris Alexiou - Andra Mou Paei

Take what you want
Take what you want and go

After the storm, everything was quiet
I stood still but you were no longer by my side

One OK Rock - Take what you want

Where's that flame, that craving, for being different,
The craving I saw, as you entered my life, and made me love you?

Long Journey, you said, that's life, and that we would never die,
We wouldn't get lost, because that eternal craving is our guide,
You shared that with me, and I almost died in its flame.

Palya Bea - Long Journey

They told me, you know, the world isn't waiting for you
You don't have the weapons to fight your fight
You should go and toe the line like the others
That's life, that's the way it is

They told me, you know, you're not gonna change things

Judith (France) - Go and spread the news

Why should we always think
That it can only happen to other people
And it's too bad, we're just unlucky
That's life and it's life's fault...
Let's not let things get us down
We're young, we have the future ahead of us

Shy'm - Victory

Forget everything so you can love, take this coming moment
Don't fear tomorrows,
What will happen to us?
Who cares, that's life
I only know this cry

Charles Aznavour - Esperanza

Cell 139 and you hit the curb
The smog I breathe, the concrete in my body
You want beef, keep it real, boy come, I feel like it
High society, we come, no Picasso, that's life
Therapy, you have style, doesn't matter, go f*ck yourself
Robin Hood remains an idiot, I steal money and keep it

Bushido - City of Angels

I gave her my heart and my life

And I got worn out, but that's life

2edeto 2albi ana

Mohamed Hamaki - Nothing Left To Say

She comes on, your brain goes off
You launch her towards your space-loft

That's life in firts-class
With orchids from Mars
Under palmtrees made of glass

Apollo 3 - 2010 (Two Thousand Ten)

that's it's over erveything had gone our love had finshed . i forgot the sad days
i will live new life . i know what's coming it's better than than the past

life had come everything between you and me had finshed . leave me alone that's life

that's it it's over everything it's over our love had finshed. iforgot the sad days

Fadl Shaker - Ma Khalas

That the Jolly Life

It takes you off, It put you on, It lifts you, It pushes you down and sometimes it gives it to you (x2)
That's Life

That's the capricious Life

Elefante - That's Life!

Yes, that's life, yes, that's life
Swaying however it pleases
Yes, that's life, yes, that's life
Desire burning away

L’Arc-en-ciel - That's Life

and knowing what it is to feel
there are many more illusions
many more desires.
That's life!

And after loving one another

Eddie Santiago - After Making Love

When a song elevates you
when the right one comes along
that's life getting better for us

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

Milena Ćeranić - I'm in my twenties

Sounds easy,
you think it is simple in theory
never forget, on a brave face
that's life.

Again and again closed doors

Luis Enrique - Smile

I know it’s hard
In a world gone mad
To find the truth
To understand
And I know it’s hard
To turn the page

Cinderella - Through The Rain

...searching for the answer
and they find a sad ending

That's life, illogical as it is
...ironic as it is, drastic
It's simply life

Luis Enrique - That's life

all aboard, all aboard that's life x6

verse 1

Colonia - Such is life

But see, when you're in it it's too hard to see
'til you pull up and see some other dude's car parked and
Reach up under the seat as your heart starts to beat
Before you make a decision that's life altering
And just as you halt and you turn and you start to leave
You hear them words echoing, almost haunting, that taunting ring

Eminem - Spend Some Time

And to feel sudden feelings

That's life, who am I to take the blame?
I always bundled with a new adventure
That leaves me blind and takes me away with your game

Ricky Martin - Goodbye I say to you

With these moments of joy and pain
It's the same as yours
Nobody can do anything about it
That's life

Julio Iglesias - It's my life

If I had the choice, I would do it all again
I would walk the same road again through this storm
once again the flashlight storm, but in any case you should
know the downsides, that's life

Bushido - Do it all again

All the other rappers can't get along with me
Cos I come from the streets and they not out of the arse?!
In the game there is only envy but I don't give a fuck
That's life
That's the way it is
Frank fucks the business

Fler - Check Me Out

Even though I know you're in a better place!
I just miss not havin you here
Kinda selfish when you think about it
That's nature, that's life
Spirit, never dies, as lessons begin

DMX - Goodbye

Here no one will shed a tear for you
We're the "under" class, kids without prospects[fn]literally "kids with no career"[/fn]
We reach for the stars and then die
That's life, it lets you get dull
All the setbacks feel like lacerations
And when I punch the probation officer

Bushido - Never a Rapper 2

One hundred thousand Euros on the bank - I stay relaxed
The half is street cash, the other (half), because I rap obnoxiously
Paris Gare de l'est, c'est la vie<fn>Paris Gare de l'est is the fifth biggest train station in Paris
C´est la vie is French for "that's life"</fn> mec<fn>dude</fn> , G rap
Intelligence - we have the license
Become witnesses, how Karuzo steps out of the UFO

Genetikk - Yes Sir

I lived, I always lived
this way, all my life long.
I have never regretted
and I was happy, my way.

I always wanted more,

Julio Iglesias - My Way

I want to get drunk so I won’t think about it,
I want to cry and laugh this very night,
to sing with a a lot of rage
to shout to the moon: my man is leaving
my man is leaving, my man is leaving

Maria Farantouri - My man is leaving

When she sees him, however, her heart bleeds.
Time passes...
She finds a replacement for him, just to prove that she refuses to be lonely.
She doesn't love this new one, but, that's life.
Besides, she has no choice.
More time passes, and he learns that she has this new 'somebody'.

DJ Sakura - Protect Your Love

I would sacrifice myself for the others
so many years without interrupt
but noone ever thanked me
you will tell me "that's life"
from now on, I'm not going to do whatever you want
there are so many things that I also want

Thanos Petrelis - The game is finally mine

That's life ya albi
Like the flame which never goes out
For life habibi alya
That's life ya albi
Like the flame which never goes out
For life habibi alya

Ishtar - That's life

that made us break
you will be forever my girl,
for whom I breath,
that's life, isn't it?
now you are with other man
and I am with another girl,

Boris Soltariyski - Forever

and I have to give myself over
that last beer probably bad
or I drank too much
who the fuck cares, 'cause that's life.

I think back on my first time

The Skatoons - Vomit

Take what you want
Take what you want and go

たたずんだ となりに君はもういない

One OK Rock - Take what you want

Growing light and dark
The RUNAWAY that wanders lost in the streets
Knowing they're all alone, they still stand up
And from that they learn a bit of THAT'S LIFE
Whether you ran away or were dragged away
You can't return to YOUR PAST

UVERworld - Never Forget That You Will Die Someday

I never get enough
I never get enough
I never get enough
I never get enough

Life is too short

Culcha Candela - Flat Rate

I love you, but I really, really, really don't care for him

I hear that she's cheating on you
That's life giving it all back to you
Now you don't act like a Czar anymore
You're a man without a destiny

Stoja - Really, really

One day, that real day
That's life, a real life isn't a dream
One day, that real day
That's youth, love, joy, a real dream

Dubrovački Trubaduri - One day

The same to us, but please remember
that as you made your bed, so you must lie in it at nights

I am delighted about your hapiness, that's life
it's your turn now, I have to wait longer for mine

Giorgos Mais - The same to us

since you left me
tears keep falling from my face
my dreams no longer make sense
and that's life with your absence

sleepless nights

Black Coffee - Crazy

I never thought it would happen
We know each other for about a 100 months
Some people with the same experience
Already offer me instructions
Weigh twice, cut once

Sasa Kapor - That's life

Leave and let's see what will you do
Not every adventure is a loss
Maybe, I'll say it is my destiny because you have demolished and burned me
But, That's life. Do not forget

The sadness doesn't leave us

Mustafa Ceceli - Hidden

At this point, this is a story of me falling
Branching up my arms humbleness fulfill my calling
Hopeless unmotivated potential figure
Senseless with a lot of faith drowned in liquor
I lived a mans dream that was trapped in the circle
I was once sent to this earth exist to hurt you

Qusai - Qusai - that's life

Beneath are floors, floors, floors - that's life
And I want, want to fly it through
See, I'm flying
Beneath are floors, floors, floors - that's my life
And I gift it to you

Boombox - Floors

Boys and girls who hate themselves. You cannot fulfill today with thank-yous.
It’s another incomprehensible foreign ideology, all the misfits’ lonely battle.
Boys and girls who got abused. Stroking bruises, the cheek with welts.
Their hearts scream even louder, showing an aspect of me-against-the -world.

Maybe I’m not a “human hater,” but I’m more like “human hatee.”

amazarashi - Juvenile

and the fire that has united us (united us)
will burn as it did from the start (like from the start)
i know that this means life (that's life)
a tear and a kiss

La Strada Dance - Loves fire

Suns comes up and comes down again
Someone leaves forever, another one arrives
That's life, its flow doesn't change

The house is empty again, I still waiting you to open the door

Rayhon - Mommy

Too bad I must always leave it
But that's life

That's life


Slipknot - Gently

I took the pen and I write down what won't let me sleep
American beats, no crew and nobody who took me seriously
no money for a studio and men who weren't fair
that's life and I'll be above that
and there's no denying things have changed now

Lumaraa - My Life

Last night I was getting so faded with my nikes on
Siggi got blessed and made three stepping like an icon
Any time we rockin' they taking face like nikon
Tryna get a glimpse and make a memory that's life long

Now things are starting to pick up[fn]an idiom, literally "now the hands are spat into[/fn]

Sido - Work hard*

Somebody wants you, you’re even necessary
Anyone that assures you
That was a fleeting moment
Always swear it's a lie, that's life

To whom is it important

Los Guaraguao - Song for You

Two chapters, plain type, black and white I know
It's something simple, leave a check before you go
Make it out, to the one who hurt you most
It don't make sense, but hey that's life that's the way it goes

You don't know but, you've just been served

Greg Scherff - That's The Way It Goes

and I'm talking on the big white telephone
that last beer probably bad
or I drank too much
who the fuck cares, 'cause that's life.

I'm thinking back to my first time

The Skatoons - Barfing

It's over and he's sorry
The feeling's gone
And you don't know why
Well all right, that's life
She don't worry
But she knows that it's just a lie

Chris Norman - Woman in Love

Yes that's how it is
Hey ho, lamn meat and booze
That's life as a social parasite
Hey ho, parkinsons and cramp
It costs to be a social tumor

Thomas Gustafsson - Old and sick

You can't choose your face!
neither your name nor your home
Not even the place where you're born
For this, there's a stupid phrase: "Hum... that's life!"


Kamini - Because we're stupid

And I can't say I regret nothing, mental problems are a taboo for surprisingly many
But a strong person shows worries too, rather it's injecting you to eye than vein
And I believe I'm more honest now, at least to myself, because
You'll surirve this too, that's life; I'm an example and still alive

Nobody promised this to be easy, no one will carry me (carry me)

Timo Pieni Huijaus - Windmill

I need you so
To get by

That's life which makes train
I ahead i run without end
And i ignite grands candles

Najoua Belyzel - Everything Is Fine

That's how I am, you should put it in your mind
Please don't start grumbling
Don't ask why, that's life
Listen to the unstable boy who's speaking to you

Pavlos Paounis - Unstable boy

I've got enough of your mocca eyes
I've got enough of you, dear
I'm fed up with exhausting myself
I'm fed up and that's life

Herbert Grönemeyer - Mocca eyes

Stand up and learn to divide

This time - this day - this part - this play
Too close - too tight - that's life - that's why
We the people must JUMP!

40 Below Summer - We The People

It's hot round 'ere even when your out in the cold
It's hard to find peace here
Never can you be easy, always gotta beware
But that's life in the inner city
Up to bother trying not to get collared by the piggies

Professor Green - City Of Gold

[Verse 1]
I know I’m not perfect
I know I got issues
I know that I’ve got a sordid past
And, yeah, some bad tattoos
I’m not a model

Ke$ha - Love İnto The Light

Nicolas, Nicolas, my first tear was for you alone
We were children, our sorrow mattered as much as the grown ups'
Nicolas, Nicolas, it was love, we didn't know,
That's life, which picks us up,
Which leads us where it will and where it goes
Nicolas, Nicolas....

Sylvie Vartan - Nicolas

Tell me you love me
And take me very far away from you

That's life
Strange as it is
My heart broke

Ana Tijoux - Take Me Very Far Away

I prefer to watch you from here
Playing with dolls

You know my darling, we grow up, c'est la vie ( that's life)
Not only in age, but mainly in mind
Between good and evil, we lose shortcuts

Manau - The Doll

Giving way to reality
That's life...
That's life...
That's life...

Because the hands on the clock

Les Cowboys fringants - The Clock

Whose old love came in a basket.
He certainly wonders who I am!

But that's life! That's ....

Anita Lindblom - That's life

Where do you have to? Which path will you take?
Is the bad one for you? Do you have to go from there?
What can I tell you my child? That's life
there are those who are born fortunate, those good ones
and those that are always unlucky and go this way!

Ninfa Giannuzzi - My Child


UVERworld - いつか必ず死ぬことを忘れるな

(Ha ha - check - ha)
Check yourself, but don't forget yourself
(You're getting everything you are and even everything you need)
That's life - so just check yourself Everyone can see who you are
Take a look at yourself Tell me why you keel denying

Spice Girls - Denying

I swallowed, I swallowed, the separation pulls me inside
Broken soul, broken heart, nothing changed

Ok, that's life, that's the exam, that was a lesson, I got that
Today, Tomorrow it will end, I said, nothing changed

Gökhan Tepe - Destiny

Now you want it in your eyes as I spit in your face
Face down on the floor, holding you by your neck
Do you feel like a wreck?
Well that is life, kiddo
Now shut up and swallow
(swallow, swallow)

Combichrist - Shut Up And Swallow

To want to but not to know is difficult
To see but not to hear
You turned away
You said: Nothing is given, that's life
In my words there is no wish, no desire and longing

Marie Fredriksson - Faith

You got no hold bars, mister know it all
No go star, he don't know that he won't go far
Cuz he ain't no fool, but he's tucked up at night
With a belly full of "I'm so cool", and that's life


Rag'n'Bone Man - Ego

It’s complicated in my life, let me do things
With us, it’s finished, let me take a break
What separates us is my love for €500 bills
That's life, do not think everything is rosy
And if you want to leave, do it now
I will never replace you by another

Shin Sekai - Love me tomorrow

Bam ! Bam ! That's life,
Bam ! Bam ! Constant battery,
Bam ! Bam ! In fury.
That's the life that makes me afraid!
Bam ! Bam ! The noise
Bam ! Bam ! Of the storm

Édith Piaf - The noise of cities

So I stepped out the back door and fell down the stairs
The sunlight hit me dead in the eye
Like it's mad I gave half the day to last night
My bad sight made me trip on my ass right into that patch of grass like that's life
All of a sudden, I realize something
The weather is amazing, even the birds are bumpin

Atmosphere - Sunshine

Let's dream of a world, which only shines and is wonderful.
And one doesn't have to starve while the other one is pampered.
(A world) where you look and think instead of saying: that's life.
(A world) Where you look beyond your nose.
Where the eyes still sparkle and the smile radiates on the photos.

Kayef - Let's dream

At this point, this is a story of me falling
Branching up my arms humbleness fulfill my calling
Hopeless unmotivated potential figure
Senseless with a lot of faith drowned in liquor
I lived a mans dream that was trapped in the circle
I was once sent to this earth exist to hurt you

Qusai - Qusai - that's life

And play this shit in Iwood where my little brother livin'
Live or die for the Woopin' or the Crippin', pick a side
Death row, till they put you in the Pickachu to fry
That's life, three strikes, that's life
Three hoes, half dyke, this can be a long night
Long road to the riches, bravos from the bitches

Vince Staples - Blue Suede

A dolla and a dream, that's all a nigga got
So if its about that cream, then I’m all up in the spot
I was raised in the F-A
Why a nigga never gave me nothing?
Pops left me, I ain’t never cry, baby, fuck him, that’s life
And trust me I’m living,

J.Cole - Dollar And A Dream

Ref. 2x
That's life, my children
God keep you safe
and by good remember

Beki Bekic - Father

That's life!
Wings of Iron
Going in different directions
That's life!

Jenia Lubich - That's Life (Goodbye)

The one who was a best friend is almost forgotten
And a buddy becomes a guy you never see again

But that's life
So I try to do things that make me smile
That makes me enjoy life

Feit`n Fra Kolbotn - Any Better

I can see
Thou shall be, loved n' free, finally I'm...
Takin' my life on my hand, that's life
Livin' the odd on what's wrong, what's right
Livin' the life of the strong, where I belong

RadioAct - G.A.D.

These shabby legs won’t bend
and ache the darned
hobble once and hobble twice
through life’s misery.

Daylong toil, ruffian toil!

Kostas Varnalis - The ballad of mr. Mentios

In my eyes in front of your mirror
But you, you do not look at it go

That's life, Lily
When you sleep in the streets of the city
You are well old, you remember yourself

Joe Dassin - That's Life, Lily

Well that is what we cry
Feelings we keep inside
And you are not in the right
And you've no reason to hide

John Frusciante - Addition

Do you think we’re fools?
We know it won’t be long
‘Til you drill a well
And fall straight through the roof of Hell
And they lock you in a prison cell
And leave the tale for you to tell

3 - Soul To Sell

I will feel so shiny when doing it!

Check it out, your life will soon be over.
That's life, my friend. I am so shiny!
Now I'll eat you. One last word!
For me only!

Moana (OST) - Shiny

Uh I don’t wanna pretend that I’m something else
I just hope that you listen or someone helps
There where days where I contemplated suicide
So I do this shit just to get me by
I don’t mean to make out that my head is big
But you gotta understand that I’m still a kid

Fozzey and Vanc - Stuck In This

Fake name and a bar fight
A smile and you're on your way

If that's life, you can keep it
You can keep it
'Cause I live mine like it's a secret

Jay kill & the hustle standard - I Don't Share

A sponge on the brow
I'm cutting deeper now
That's life spilling on the knife

It seems this patient's lost the will to live

Sounds Of Mass Production - Stay Sick

Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata, Hakuna...

You have to forget about your problems,
That's life, that's learning!
Hakuna matata
Hakuna matata

The Lion King (OST) - Hakuna Matata

We are sick of it - to the teeth <fn> il y en a marre - we are sick of it. à bout - to the end. Also 'Marabout' - A curse, the 'evil eye'. </fn>
We are sick of it - to the teeth
We are sick of it - to the teeth
We are sick of it - to the teeth
Sick to the teeth
Sick to the teeth

Serge Gainsbourg - Evil Eye

Let them live, let them live, let them live, let them live, let them live
C'est la vie, brother, we do it, that's life
Let them live, let them live, let them live, let them live, let them live
C'est la vie, brother, we do it, that's life

Gilli - C'est La Vie

Last night I was getting so faded with my nikes on
Siggi got blessed and made three stepping like an icon
Any time we rockin' they taking face like nikon
Tryna get a glimpse and make a memory that's life long

Jetzt wird wieder in die Hände gespuckt

Sido - Ackan

But I'm more afraid of, more immediately afraid of
The state's terrorism and disappearances
Its tortures could happen to you
That's life for a man here in the big city
Doesn't matter what else happens
Today a traitor, tomorrow a king

Miki González - It Could Be You

Last May, my mom passed away from natural causes
Bad enough in June all month I'm reminded my dad's gone all day
Now what, I gotta write a song called May?
Guess that's life a bigger problem, just another day
I lost my dad the month of Father's Day
My mom the month of Mother's Day

Copywrite - Confessional

That's just the way it goes - That's life!
C'est la vie
c'est la vie -
That's just the way it goes - That's life!

Robbie Nevil - C'est la vie

The reasons why one can't laugh from the heart
It's a simple reason
That's life

Kiss me deadly

Dir en Grey - CHILD PREY

Sleep, sleep.
Ride Rocinante and begin the road towards the light.
Everything that begins, ends,
And that's life's reason.
Ride Rocinante and begin the road towards the light.
Towards the temple of good-bye

Mägo de Oz - The Temple of Good-bye

and passion has decided
so we obeyed its wish

that's life
everything in it is possible
and there is nothing possible in life

Lena Chamamyan - passion has decided

And if I fall - that doesn't matter! That's life
I try it again and if I fail
I'm here, I'm strong, I have seven lives for you
And if I fall - that doesn't matter! That's life
I stand up, again and live my life
That's clear, I'm strong, I have seven lives for you

Maite Kelly - Seven Lives for You

so you can forgive me,
Everything what you can do,
I haven't known how you to agree with
Yes I know, that's life,
I've chosen to love you.
I would like to have you back.

Souf - My love

Take what you want
Take what you want and go

Sugisatta arashi no ato no shizukesa
Tatazun da tonari ni kimi wa mou inai

One OK Rock - Take what you want

it's weird how things change in about a year
they change and they'll never go back to how they used to be, bro
if I think to how things went with some of my idols
first idols, then colleagues and eventually enemies, that's life
ask Giso and Telaviv where we started from
terrible stages, rotten car audio systems, demolished

Emis Killa - The True ones know it + Once upon a time

Remember when I talked for a while
I understood the movie was still too early
And now you come and you want to resurrect me
But that's life if I did not walk among you
You laugh today I do not stand strength
Inventing thoughts that can change weather

Grasu XXL - Mr.Destinity

and that's a bother.
Now to really heal
you must have it pulled out.
That's life for you.

Boris Vian - Life

When I think of the one, which escaped me at the time...

That's life...
You take what you can get...
Babe - You're looking so funny?

Alligatoah - Consolation Prize

Ana, Ana has a brother,
a twin,
and he, he gets more and more hooked,
and she, she loves him more and more
and her heart spreads thinner and thinner...

Surfin Bichos - My blood brother

Marie who used to be so pretty
Had lost her twenty-year-old beauty
When you cry, you grow old, that's life
Her pretty eyes are all sad now

Les Compagnons de la chanson - The boy Pierre (Marie)

My last hope, just like ever
It's a pity, in your heart I'm already a stranger
But that's life, everything could happen
The most important - you should be happy

ARTIK - My last hope

You not having a penny is a damage,
because I also
look for something rich.
That's life.

Fancy - That's life

Tell me if you're happy, oh tell me
Of what we were yesterday
Tell me if you're happy, oh tell me
That's life
Tell me if you're happy, oh tell me
How time passes, how we have changed,

Tito Rojas - Tell me if you're happy

But I, like before,
am in splendour!
Accept your destiny obediently
That's life! My friend! And I...
am in splendour!
Look at me for the last time

Moana (OST) - Live in splendour

Before, I did a bit of rap, only more agressive,
but now it's just pop, yuk, I disgust myself!
Well, what can you do? That's life (c'est la vie[fn]For those who wonder: "that's life" in phonetic French[/fn]).
This verse is called R'n'B, this is a love song.
A tsunami of love swelled between us,

Potap and Nastya - Without love

I won't go into all the details, I had to bleed, I was wounded
I slagged you off, you replaced me, you left me
But as a bastard would, I phoned you, I got you back
Then I made you cry 'cause I don't give a fuck, that's life
What did you expect?

Damso - Macarena

And her go through all together
We go through all the good and bad
That's life , you know that so is life
Just know that life is an adventure ..

Amna - Life is an adventure

It is because my parents lulled me
A bit too close to the wall , when I was a baby
But you have to pardon me for everything
Because I can die any day, that's life
You would never get back on your feet after that
And who will stay there for you as a friend ?

Renaud - If You're My Pal

Some you lose, some you win
They say that's the way it's always been
First you laugh, then you cry
Oh, but I guess that's life

So you live and you learn

Crystal Gayle - I'll Do It All Over Again

Sing a song of life
Every heartbeat’s a miracle
Feel the rhythm growing
Day by day as we go
Look inside your body’s humming
With a million drums that are drumming

Il était une fois... - Once upon a time... Life (Intro English)

With its joys and its pains
It's the same as your life
Nobody can do anything about it
That's life

Julio Iglesias - This is my life

her blue eyes opened very wide,
they quickly undersood my untold pain
and with the wince of a broken woman
she told me "that's life" and I saw her no more.

Carlos Gardel - She came back one night

Don't ask me why madame
This is our laste farewell
It's time to go
That's life madame
Just when I called you mine
Your tears gave me the sign

Telly Savalas - Goodbye Madame

Your life is
always the same old story
you posses something, then you don't
that's life
sometimes you cry, sometimes you sing

Sladja Allegro - The queen

You have to tell me
We must tell each other
You must tell me
Are you happy?

So, what’s that like?

Cali - That's life

Can always prevent men from ending up alone
You see nothing but people splitting up

But that's the world and that's life
We're all running towards the end that unites us
Like flocks

Damien Saez - The Slaughter

[Verse 1]
They had promised to fuck everything before leaving
Since you’ve left, homie, I’ve sorted myself out
Damn, I hate so much that you're gone
I look at your picture and my heart feels alone, the tears roll down
Forever, forever, forever, my nigga

Kalash - Forever

What happened once
Is bound to happen again

That's life's basics
Life goes in cycles
Don't take it personally

Nani Eva - To the Soul

The bullet points of how to fail at life
Are like the clear outline of a shadow, dying to disappear
Are you sad? Well, that's life.
And that's just who I am.

amazarashi - Philosophy

In troubles and in sunny days
They are running after their happiness.

Yes, that's life in the small town.
This town, old-fashioned and boring
In which except to fall in love

Tangra - Our town

No family is no home
Sad and orphaned( with nobody )
Yes that's life
Thats the way of the World

Nati Levi - Begger

day wire .... too
bad it all had to go
That's life I guess
I love your dress
(¿Do ya? It's pretty...

Bob Hope - Thanks for the Memory

Brain in the whip, seat back in the Jag
Fuckin' up a check, see the price on the tag
Vacation in Kauai, man, life is a drag
Anything goes, that's life in the jungle
Leave her around me, you might be in trouble
I've seen what you make, I get it doubleTurn into an asshole, fuck bein' humble

G-Eazy - Get Mine

Thinkin' a perm or bleachin' cream
Will make them better, when they're gorgeous
White girls tanning, liposuction
Fake titties are implanted, fake lips, that's life destruction
Light-skinned women, bi-racial, hateful toward themselves
Denying even their blood

Nas - What Goes Around

It was --what? --a duo.
We loved each other like nobody else.
It was good, Rosy and John,
But life, that's life, and life. . .

Gilbert Bécaud - Rosy And John

And all the time I spent alone
I chose it myself
What I've lost what I've found, that's life

I'm now escaping from my prison

15 50 - Look At Me I'm Flying

How many times more should I be hit,
Till where should I be strong,
How much more should I be hurt in that life?

Şebnem Ferah - Till Where

That I'll never miss anything, he says he'll come home soon
I'm so excited, it's just a fucking long time away

But they say that's life
As long as we're healthy and we don't take anything for granted
Our friends get stomaches and expect a little one

MUNK - When I Was Little

Let's dance
The stardust is holding hands
Let's dance until morning comes
That's life

Wicked (musical) (OST) - I will dance all my life

I had a rough day, but that's life, it happens
Woke up on a dark side of my mattress
I guess I forgot to set my clock

Atmosphere - The Best Day

I am in control of my destiny
Never give up
Get ready for the fight
That's life

Walk straight ahead

Obey the Brave - That's life

Come back to me! Stay with me! I can hear your voice
But no, it's not you

That's life, but I love you
I know that, but I love you
I'm so scared

Mireille Mathieu - That's life, but I love you

Ten years on lockdown plus more charges, 6 ___
West Side, Converse with feet, set Dickies
Bitches, you will not pass the night
I fuck them on ejection seat, that's life!
How many wanted to denounce me, stop me in my momentum
Because we know that I'm wearing Beyoncé's fiancé

Booba - Pirates

Italy: «yes» Italy: «no» Italy: «boom!», the unpunished slaughter.
You can say yes, you can say no, but that's life.
Let's make us a coffee, we don't have to go down the coffee shop, there's a commando unit that waits us to murder us a bit.
Commando yes, commando no, homicidal commando.

Elio e le Storie Tese - Not even a minute of “non Chakis”

You sleep alone you see
The person in the mirror can't be me

That's alright you say that's life
It's alright you saved my life
Hold my hand, close your eyes, understand

Dave Gahan - Hidden Houses

To live and die
Inside the flames of fire
Getting in and out
That's life my eyes*
That's love
One second it's party

Vasilis Karras - Everything is Nothing

Suppress this soul, the undesirable
Standing alone, it’s undeniable
There lives regret but I have yet to find it,
Light the fuse within my veins


Amalee - Renegade

Who'd imagine that you'd give
your full nakedness near mine.
Love, pleasure and love, who'd say it.
You for me. Me for you. That's life.

Nobody. Nobody would imagine it.

Cantores de Hispalis - Who'd imagine it

I hope you understand that I ain't even dissing you
And even though it's a song you'll probably never listen to
See what I send to you is this
Is that a life without Christ is just a life that is never fixed
I hope you remember this now a few sentences
About a living God who loves you and plus forgives

KJ-52 - Dear Slim

You look far and then you think
about the things you have
loose ropes, that's life
it always happens to us
We shouldn't try to explain

Olé Olé - Soldiers of love

Und sein Haar war weiss
Und er sagte, ich wollt' auch mal zu den Sternen
Doch jetzt bin ich fur die Hölle reif
Und ich sage euch, that's life

Life is good, life is scheen

Dschinghis Khan - Life is good - Life Is Scheen

The fire had died, our love had become cold, oh-ho, c'est la vie!<fn>French for "That's life!"</fn>
Only our everyday routine kept it together, oh-ho, c'est la vie!
She had already fallen asleep when I was reading the newspaper
And this is what I found in the classifieds:

Would you like to go to Paris, just for fun?

Udo Jürgens - Paris - Just For Fun

You better not miss what it takes
To make your life sunny!

That's life - that's what you get
You better not bet that it's always coming up roses
Life - give it a chance

MonaLisa Twins - That's Life

Christ, give us today our daily(, the) problem is that we misunderstand one another perfectly
Illustrated by their need to make poems
We're stuck between hell and a hard heart on the right, my sense of direction says that we're done, so count me in as an accomplice in our fall
That's life according to Liam, and fuck everything else

L.O.C. - V.S.S.C. II

Buy a villa for my mom, making my family safe
But waking up is brutal
Yeah, waking up is brutal
Mama told me, "That's life"
I'm better outside than at home
My friend loses his mind

Niro - Mama, You Were Right

And your parents
Always were proud
That's life
Shit, so what

Marius Müller Westernhagen - We're fed up

You didn’t imagine your forties like this, when you were a kid
Oh well, that’s life
The adviser at the job centre, the same shirt for months
The end of your dreams
Your tale took a bad turn
Even back in school you were asleep

Mickey 3D - Stretch out your dreams

If I could buy the gasoline
The streets are filled day in and out with little monsters
That's life I guess and every day is Halloween
I've seen the darkness' real face
And I've seen the preacher's real face

All Them Witches - Alabaster

Towards other galaxies
Towards a bit of hope
Yes...a bit of hope
That's life

Oh Oh

Indochine - Black Sky

Yeah, Brand new days, BTOB
I will always be with you, don’t be afraid of anything
(Oh, Brand new days)
I will always be with you, don’t be afraid of it anymore
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)

BTOB - Brand New Days

How much I want you is something simple
But you should know that I will have you forever

There is a circle and that's life
Our destiny is like broken glass
My thought defines every moment

Stelios Rokkos - I remember

after it is easier to sleep and go
beyond thoughts with a book by Lucretius
open between your fingers
that's life
between a dressing gown and a sea
who wants to go on a trip

Ornella Vanoni - Woman in the winter

I really want you to see

Make the most of it, there's nothing more to see
That's life my friend
With my shininess
I will eat you, is there something that you want to say

Moana (OST) - I'm Shiny (Brilho Translation)

Every person carries loneliness
And their own world in a backpack
"That's life," you say
Will you let me hold you (Will you)
I'll be your lover

Avi Aburomi - Bliss For a Minute

You can't deny it
Don't let it take you down
Don't let it keep you down
That's life

Michael Bublé - That's Life