You Can [ Ti možes (Ти можеш) ]

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You Can

Hey you, tell me
This countenance that my dream keeps hidden
- is that you?
I know it's you, but admit it (to me)
I'm sending you this song I've had within me
Just say a word,
you can't lie to me anymore
I want to be yours each day and night.
You can set oceans on fire,
turn a desert into gold,
build the bridges to my heart*,
and forever keep crossing them.
You may exist there for me
and you may reach the stars for me
I believe you would do a million other things for me.
I wonder the reason
which has kept you away from me, do please explain to me
I know (it), but admit to me
free me from this restlessness I feel inside of me,
I want you to still think about me
It is wonderful if you lead me
I can stay yours forever, don't you know?
...I want you to love me...
...I want you to keep me...
...I want you to kiss me...
...You will be mine...
Поставио/ла: Polymath У: Уторак, 08/05/2012 - 00:16
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Ti možeš could mean: you can, you may (permission), you are able... depends on the context

*to me (in original)

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Ti možes (Ти можеш)

Ej, ti kazi mi
dal ovoj lik sto sonot moj go krie
dali toj si ti.
Znam, no priznaj mi


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