I Miss You [ Lish' By Ty Byla So Mnoj (Лишь бы ты была со мной) ]

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I Miss You

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You already don't remember and don't know anything about the time when we used to be together and you don't memorize it any more.
You forgot my hands, you forgot my name.
Well, how did it happen that we became to each other strangers?
Not long time ago you talked to me about love,
I'm still keeping in my heart your declarations of love,
But why it turned out there were just words,
And I believed in seriousness of what was between us.
I was sinking in the glance of your green eyes,
And I thought naively this world was only for us,
I remember our nights in your orange room,
And depth of your feelings in that night whisper.
Our night walkings, your hand in mine,
And I remember a first kiss, my pulse throbbed faster of it.
And our star sky, the 52 th kilometer,
My words about feelings which made the wind disappear.
I'll never forget your those night tears,
And then I realized we have all serious,
And I was ready to give you the sun and the heaven,
And I was happy as never before in my life.
If you want half of the heaven I'll give to guess again what people name love,
If you want the half of the sun for only you, the only one,
So only to have you next to me, next to me....
In the evenings I visit this snow street
When we used to be together, where you were tender with me,
Where every house remembers our hugs, kisses,
And I miss you more with every single day.
And I want to see a bright light in your windows,
But there is no place for me any more in your life.
And how didn't we lodge in such a huge world?
And how did we forget so fast about feelings to each other?
And let love go away which was like a bird,
And we tore pages out of the book of life
And it remained nothing else but just a photo
But only there where the hearts are I miss something.
I wish you happiness though even you are now not with me,
There is another one next to you on the photo in a frame,
A fairy-tale can't last forever, the people's talk is right,
But I'm asking you, don't forget easy words.
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Lish' By Ty Byla So Mnoj (Лишь бы ты была со мной)

А ты уже не помнишь, и не чего не знаешь,
О времени, что были вместе, больше не вспоминаешь.
Забыла руки мои, забыла моё имя.
Ну, как же вышло, что друг другу мы вдруг стали чужими.
Еще не давно говорила ты со мной о любви,
Я до сих пор храню в сердце эти признанья твои,
Ну почему оказалось, это пустыми словами,
А я ведь верил в серьезность того, что между нами.


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