I want to you way that [ Ya Tak Hochu Do Tebe (Я Так Хочу До Тебе) ]

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I want to you way that

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I pine for you so much,
How no one never pine.
I look at you this way,
That I don't have to say words.
А-а-...- а-...- а-ya-ya-ya.
I miss you so much,
How bird in cage misses freedom
I'm waiting and don't know,
Is the true in your eyes.
А-а-...- а-...- а-ya-ya-ya.
I want to you way,
That baby wants to motheer.
I want to you way,
That this ground wants to heaven.
Every desires that is here,
Everything that I have I'd give away
To every morning
Call your name.
How can I want so much
To want all night and wait for sigh.
'Till candle will burn,
'Till mind won't say
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Ya Tak Hochu Do Tebe (Я Так Хочу До Тебе)

Я так млію за тобою,
Як ніколи ніхто не млів.
Так ся дивлю за тобою,
Що й не мушу казати слів.
Так сумую за тобою,
Як за волею в клітці птах.


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Kashtanka1965     May 5th, 2016

Is it truth in your eyes.