Valery Zolotukhin - Разговор со счастьем (İngilizce translation)

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A Chat With Happiness

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Happiness out of the blue
Knocked upon my door
YOU are so overdue
What were you waiting for?
Rain and snow, the bitter tears
Pulling through the 'thick - and - thin'
All these years, all these years
Where the heck you’ve been?
All of a sudden the creaking of the door
Announced to me what I'd been living for
Long daunting years, all these arguments with the Fate
To see YOU arrive so fashionably late
Freezing my gut and swimming across the stream
Had not lowered my self esteem!
Living a life to a gnarly extreme -
To at last see the Happiness gleam!
You had come, you came true
Just like that - unspoken
I was cursed without you
And now the spell is broken
Those who wait upon the Lord
Will walk and will not faint
And receive and afford
The wings with no restraint!
(Chorus: x2)
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Разговор со счастьем

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