Love (عشق Eshq)

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I know what love is when I went to New
When love is love, then I know you understand
I think the rest of the stories I'm
Rome and Color, Labor is not just like I'm
When I'm in love with was not all
Sleep and waking up in my eyes was the role
I'm with you everywhere shadow mountain shadow mountain
Tail to tail, sitting facing a mirror with you
I love you, John gets an excuse
For your best sign of being alive
I did the best reason for you being
Separated from the body that you were not part of my body
When are you coming my beautiful bird spring Is
This broken heart can open the chest to remember
Stars down again I will Is
I say to the sky and the earth that are beloved Is
Asad Orya
ao kullanıcısı tarafından Pzr, 13/05/2012 - 09:42 tarihinde eklendi
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عشق Eshq

وقتی که رفتم تازه تو می فهمی عاشقی چی است
می شناسی عشق را بعد من می فهمی عاشقت کی است
عاقبت از غصه ی تو نقش تو قصه ها می شم
می رم و پیدايم نمی شه تنها مثل خدا می شم


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