You're Still on My Mind


Baadak ala bali

طل وسالني اذا نيسان دق الباب
خبيت وجي وطار البيت فيي وغاب

حبيت افتحلو
عالحب اشرحلو
طليت مالقيت
غير الورد عند الباب

بعدك على بالي
ياقمر الحلوين
يا زهر التشرين
يا دهب الغالي
بعدك على بالي
يا حلو يا مغرور
يا حبق ومنتور
على سطح العالي

مرق الصيف بمواعيدو
والهوي لملم عناقيدو
وما عرفنا خبر
عنك يا قمر
ولاحدا لوحلنا با يدو
وبتطل الليالي وبتروح الليالي
وبعدك على بالي على بالي

Try to align

You're Still on My Mind

He dropped by and asked me
If ِApril had knocked on the door
I hid my face
And he rushed off from the door and left

I wanted to open for him
To explain him my love
I dropped by and didn't find anything but a rose by the door

You're still on my mind
Oh moon of the pretty ones
Oh flower of October
Oh gold of the most precious
You're still on my mind
Oh beautiful oh happy one
Oh basil and matthiola (a flower)
On the plane of the highest

Summer rushed past with appointments
And the air rustled the grape bunches
And we didn't hear any news about you oh moon
And not a single person waved to us
As the nights came and went
And you're still on my mind, my mind

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