bright days (Roozhaye rooshan)

İngilizce translation

bright days

oh bight days, goodbye.
oh my dear country, goodbye.
(my country) tell me what happened to your nice days?...
…is your good days now are all gone? Or they now only exist in tales?
it seems that nobody is alive here.
it seems that tears are seen a lot, but nobody has time to laugh.
the cheeks are wet with tears…
the hearts are withered with autumn.
the rain pours but satisfies no thirst.
everyone is sulky with others.
everyone is away from others.
the days are like nights.
nights are so silent, so bleak.
everyone is brooding, like mourners.
men are on gallows, women are in prison.
we are not walking on earth, nor flying in the sky…
it seems we are in a trance, we are in nightmare.
so confused, so purposeless, we stand in a line.
even for dying we should ask for permission.
days and nights pass like this…
…(days and nights) take us wherever they want.
but for how long we can stay calm.
for how long we should see tears, how long we should yearn and long.
oh lonely woman, oh homeless man…
your country is your heart that has been torn to pieces.
think of a solution, get up, do something.
think of a cure for this broken heart.
it seems that every day of week, is night.
a beloved has gone away from every house.
we are away from the earth…
we are away from the time…
we do not even remember God sometimes.
oh bright days, goodbye.
my dear country, goodbye.
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Roozhaye rooshan

روزهای روشن خداحافظ
سرزمین من خداحافظ
روزهای خوبت بگو کجا رفت
تو قصه ها رفت یا از اینجا رفت
انگار که اینجا هیچکی زنده نیست
گریه فراوون وقت خنده نیست