Rou7 alrou7 [ Rou7 alrou7 (روح الروح) ]

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Rou7 alrou7

the soul of the soul
the soul of the soul is my soul
coz he is my lover
just my lover
if i come and say i dont wan him
if i damn his passion and curse his memory
thats from behind my heart ..i dont mean it
i adore him and adore who adores him
my soul
the moment we get angry because of evil things
word by word ..& what happens just happens
who advices me hurts me
he is damn sick in his mind
this is my love
back to chorus
i curse on him and he do too
my soul
do u join him with mistakes
mines dont different much than him
for death i wouldn't say no
back to chorus
he get afflicted with me and same i am
he is my sickness and i am the same for him
who's but us ..
makes his lover get crazy
then get compassionate on him
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Rou7 alrou7 (روح الروح)

روح الروح
( روح الروح روح الروح روحي )
لأنو حبيبي
( روح الروح روح الروح روحي )
إلا حبيبي