I Like Your Girlfriend (Svidja mi se tvoja devojka)

İngilizce translation

I Like Your Girlfriend

You were stalking me for a long time
watched me entire night
over her shoulder
when she figured you out
she slapped you
the little one is not naive
Chorus x 2
And although I burn while you
undress me with your hot look
and although I know that you'd
give her up for me
and although I have a feeling
that I'm not normal because of it
I really like your girlfriend
She's watching, I'm watching
you, surprised, stand alone
in a second unimportant
she moves, I move
and then, with slow steps
we leave together
Spring kullanıcısı tarafından Salı, 23/12/2008 - 15:10 tarihinde eklendi

Svidja mi se tvoja devojka

Dugo si me vrebao
cele noci gledao
preko njenog ramena
kada te provalila


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MayGoLoco     Haziran 8th, 2011

The third and fourth line in the last verse are mixed up.
Also instead of get off I would translate it as She moves, I move