Not Too Many Reasons for Loving You [ Ai ni meiyou tai duo liyou (爱你没有太多理由) ]

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Not Too Many Reasons for Loving You

so frozen my heart could not open
never thought it would be opened
this kind of palpitation got called love
want to leave quickly
yet I just can't get away
what to do, I've already forgotten love
there's something special
slowly being revealed
seeing your smile
feeling my heart tremble
by the things you say
so easily pierced
crushing on my wounds
how come I keep feeling nothing is enough to fill the unnamed void in my heart
how come I, no matter whether I'm excited or lonely, want you to listen to my feelings
how come I have started to keep you on my heart, making it jump for joy and lose control, making it ache
how come my explanations sound like excuses
I love you, is only that a reason?
don't understand what kind of feeling, an unexplainable feeling, how to say, this faint sadness
want to turn away
yet I walk in your direction
how to say, such a love-hate dynamic
there's something special
slowly working its magic
seeing your smile
feeling heart palpitations
by the things you say
so easy impaled
rousing my heartache
[repeat chorus]
I just want to be there with you
not too many reasons
secretly keeping you on my heart
is that enough
not too many, too many reasons
I never understand it
so that's just me
well, liking you
[repeat chorus]
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Ai ni meiyou tai duo liyou (爱你没有太多理由)

冰冻的我心打不开 没想到会被打开 这种悸动被叫做爱
想要快走开 却又偏偏离不开 怎么办我已经忘爱
有一些特别 慢慢在透露 看你的笑容 感觉心颤抖
被你的语言 轻易地穿透 压迫我的伤口
怎么我 总是觉得 什么都不够 填满心中不知名的空洞
怎么我 不管是兴奋还是寂寞 都想要你 倾听我的感受
怎么我 开始常将你挂上心头 让心雀跃和失控 让心隐隐作痛


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