Goodnight my son (Bonne Nuit Mon Gars)

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Goodnight my son

I've made mistakes in life
In falling too often I have leart.
That even when we think everything's over
A force commes each time to push us over
How could I explain that well,
To you who looks at me as if, as if I didn't know.
The detours that you are going to take and the sleepless nights that you will spend
It's of little importance that I want for you to know that you must never lower your arms.
You know, my son, that life is so complicated.
You must take time to live, you even have the right to smoke.
Even when I'd say to you that I never want to see you get out of control.
We all did that, but I will be there to help you.
Your mother, I know, is a little too severe,
That she does not truly see things like your father
Even if she gets angry and always fights with you
You are just one, my son, and it's your duty to get angry.
Growing, you will see well what you want to do,
You will become a musician or if you want, a soldier
We will encourage you, whatever your career choice,
And don't be scared if at 20, it's even further from being clear.
Now, it's up to you to prove to me that all my errors
Will have allowed me to include you in my most precious values.
Walk in my footsteps or besides me, provided that you always arrive on time
It's what your mother wanted that I say to you, goodnight my son, it's already 10 o'clock....
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Bonne Nuit Mon Gars

J'en ai fait des erreurs dans ma vie.
En tombant trop souvent j'ai appris.
Que même quand on pense que tout est fini
Une force vient chaque fois nous pousser quand on est mal pris.
Comment j'pourrais bin t'expliquer ça,