Hello Does anyone here know Bulgarian and can help

Hello I need help translating Bulgarian to English
someonecan help pliz

kazablue     Aralık 27th, 2011

http://lyricstranslate.com/en/request/tazi-nosht anyone ? Smile have a Happy Christmas to everyone Smile

kazablue     Kasım 23rd, 2011

;HI how are you
can anyone can help to trans it ?
and this is good trans? cause its copy paste from allthelyrics and who trans it is "mariusmxm "
And Comment her for not translating accurately, that's why I ask

ladida-91     Kasım 23rd, 2011

Hi,kazable Smile I also noticed that this girl has been stealing translations from other websites.I am so glad that she is banned now ! This translation was incorrect ,'cos as I undertood the member that u mentioned in ur message isn't a native Bulgarian speaker. I translated this song .If you want you can check it out.Even though it isn't one of my best translations I think I caught the main point and u can translate it properly in Hebrew
Regards Smile

kazablue     Kasım 18th, 2011

кой каквото си повика,
кой какво си надробил.

hinotori2772     Kasım 18th, 2011

both verses mean pretty much the same thing: "(one will find) whatever one calls for", "(one will harvest) whatever one has sown", which meaning in English is usually delivered by the expression "what(ever) goes around, comes around" - I guess in your language you also have a suitable expression of this type. Smile

By the way, after watching the video I might need some pills to sleep well this night... Shock

sleipnir     Kasım 17th, 2011

Kazablue, много си нагъл...
Вземи и си го преведи !

kazablue     Kasım 18th, 2011

Please write it in English Smile

kazablue     Kasım 16th, 2011

http://lyricstranslate.com/en/request/goliamoto-sarce please anyone transltion for it...

kazablue     Kasım 12th, 2011

Hi Smile
I'll try to explain to you why I want an exact translation:)
I deal with covers, and from all dealing with this subject, I began to hear music Bulgarian, and I love it, I have a YouTube Channel with lots of subscribers, and thousands of views, I translate these songs into Hebrew, and a lot of the guys here love the music Bulgarian:)
covers to exmple Smile

ladida-91     Kasım 12th, 2011

Kazablue, thanks for your brief explanation. I just want to tell u that translating a song not directly from its original language may be a bit tricky Smile

I'll try to explain to you why I want an exact translation:)
I deal with covers, and from all dealing with this subject, I began to hear music Bulgarian, and I love it, I have a YouTube Channel with lots of subscribers, and thousands of views, I translate these songs into Hebrew, and a lot of the guys here love the music Bulgarian:)
covers to exmple Smile

kazablue     Kasım 11th, 2011

i have 3 things Smile
1. its not trans yet
2. i need the trans of the bulgarian part
3. im not found the tekst of this song ...
u can listen here


thank you Smile

hinotori2772     Kasım 11th, 2011

Here it is http://lyricstranslate.com/en/broi-me-count-me.html but it's not very nice to provide just fragments of the full lyrics... this can lead to confusion.

ladida-91     Kasım 11th, 2011

Well,I'm done translating such meaningless lyrics,for now.I'm sorry. But I am very curious why do u always need so urgently these translations and why do they always have to be correct in 100%,otherwhise u make some problem about this? If u posted our translations in other websites under your authorship,it would be an extremely unpolite action of yours! Smile

hinotori2772     Kasım 11th, 2011

Oddly enough I also thought the same thing. Smile But after searching several phrases in google, it seems that kazablue just likes bulgarian pop-folk music and is curious about the lyrics.

ladida-91     Kasım 12th, 2011

Well done,Mitko! But as it turned out kazablue is just like us- a translator Laughing out loud
Speaking of plagiarism, haven't you thought about the fact that our things here can be "stolen" by anyone.I mean we can see them in vbox subtitled by some teenager who wants to get more views to his videos.I am not saying that mine are some masterpieces and I would die if someone used them under his/her authorship,but after all they are my "babies" and as in mine,so in yours and in Michaela's ones there are some very good interpretations and lines. It would be great if there's an option here that blocks the "copy/paste" of our lyrics .I've seen this in several lyrics' websites where I can only quote the lyrics. What do u think about this ?

P.S it's kinda weird speaking with u in English Laughing out loud

[quote=hinotori2772] Oddly enough I also thought the same thing. Smile But after searching several phrases in google, it seems that kazablue just likes bulgarian pop-folk music and is curious about the lyrics.

kazablue     Kasım 11th, 2011

Laughing out loud

kazablue     Kasım 7th, 2011

i dont understand all the parts of the song and im not sure that it the good trans:) please help .
1. Да си с нея страшно е, пипнеш ли опасно е, what is mean " da ce" and "e" "ли"
2. Мръсен в мислите - Идвай си при мен! Мръсен в мислите its not just "Dirty thoughts on"
двай си при мен ? come to right home what the word that mean home ?
3. Да си с мене страшно е.. here its with me U trans with she
4. Искаш ли да боли? - Значи си за мен! do you want pain or hurt ? Значи си за мен you trans This means you need me! but in other sentanse its If yes, you're the right for me! ...

hinotori2772     Kasım 7th, 2011

The translation is good (since I've made it) Smile But this is not word for word translation - Bulgarian and English are very different so this is not always possible at all and rarely is the best option too.

1) "ли" is a question particle roughly corresponds to the English "if" or "whether", "е" is the same as "is" or "it is", "да си" can be roughly translated as "to be", but again depends on the sentence/context... you obviously don't know much about Bulgarian, do you?

2) No, it's not "Dirty thoughts on". There is no word for "home" in the Bulgarian text, but the particle "си" in "идвай си" suggests going home. A more literal word for word translation that you seek here would be "Dirty in thoughts - come to me!" but "come" just means "идвай" without the "си" part, which in Bulgarian suggests going back home or to any place one originally belongs (in the song it's the girl's place/home, obviously).

3) I can't understand you since I can't see where is the "she", but the translations is correct.

4) "Значи си за мен" can be translated both ways it these contexts... the literal translation is "It means you are for me", but again in Bulgarian this can also mean "You need to meet/visit/etc. me" hence just "You need me".

You should know perfectly well by now that the word-for-word translation is not the best option. Anyway, I hope this answers your questions Smile

kazablue     Ekim 26th, 2011
hinotori2772     Ekim 14th, 2011

M, yes, well, you already have 2 different translations of this song (one of which mine), both are correct (though slightly different) this 3rd is a bit worse but also acceptable. And yes the word is most probably about sex organs, so to speak. But yet again this is not explicitly stated, hence left to your imagination...

kazablue     Ekim 14th, 2011

This translation is correct?
*Как ще стане много мърдаш!
how it will happen you moveToo much
* Хоп, и влиза малко по малко.
Hop and it penetrates little and little
* Хоп, и вкарай го точно сега.
Hop and thrust it exactly now
In fact he sing here about the male genitalia .... ?
I will admit those who can help here

hinotori2772     Ekim 8th, 2011

It's accurate enough, but I also took some time to make another translation, so check it out too.

kazablue     Ekim 8th, 2011

http://lyricstranslate.com/en/hop-hop.html HI
Hey can someone check if this translation is accurate
or give another trans,Even if the song with vulgar words Cool

MayGoLoco     Eylül 19th, 2011

Once you request a translation, you don't have to ask it here again Wink

hinotori2772     Eylül 14th, 2011

Enjoy Smile

kazablue     Eylül 13th, 2011

I need transltion for this song of galena

kazablue     Eylül 12th, 2011

Thank guys Cool

ladida-91     Eylül 12th, 2011

Познато ми звучеше това ама не мога да помня всички преводи които съм видяла или направила в крайна сметка.Мерси за разяснението все пак Smile

kazablue     Eylül 11th, 2011
hinotori2772     Eylül 12th, 2011

You got it Smile enjoy

kazablue     Ağustos 26th, 2011

I Understant that the trans here is not good
anyone can give a new trans please
thank you

kazablue     Ağustos 11th, 2011

Molya prevod na angliski za tazi pesen
blagodarya Smile

kazablue     Ağustos 5th, 2011

thanks Smile
what it mean in andrea song "na eks"
Ти си изгорял, че не се гасиш.
Аз съм твой порой, аз съм твой фетиш!
the words that i cant understand its " изгорял" and " порой"
and this song Of Ivena Please trans blagodarya

ladida-91     Ağustos 2nd, 2011

done Wink

kazablue     Ağustos 2nd, 2011

Somone trans it like that
върви си с добро!
go away for good!
its other mean
If translate it word by word in the dictionary has several meanings Smile
Would you please translate the new song OF MILKO

ladida-91     Ağustos 2nd, 2011

Since I translated it on this way for me this is the correct way (not the best way).Other people also fluent in both languages may have different opinion and I'll be glad to know it and to compare it with mine. I'm curious how do u know that this sentence is complicated and may have many meanings since u don't know Bulgarian (at least I have such impression since u request for translation many Bulgarian songs). Are u fluent in both languages to make such remarks ?

kazablue     Ağustos 2nd, 2011

HI Are you sure that sentence is true?

"върви си с добро?" \ Go on your own way

It's a complicated sentence, of these words have many meanings

ladida-91     Temmuz 17th, 2011

Well,the second translation is very good. I dont know if it can be translated more exact .Paraphrased this means that she will give all if the guy comes back to her . Hope u got it now Smile

MayGoLoco     Temmuz 15th, 2011

I've removed the Flemish request for you.

Well, it really depends... Sometimes within a day, or sometimes it can take months before someone translates the song.

kazablue     Temmuz 17th, 2011

if anyone can trans this pliz


And I have a question about This sentence In the song Андреа - Излъжи ме

I was given two different options of translation I dont know what's right

"пак ще ти се вържа само да се върнеш".
I will be tied-up to you,if you just are tied-up.
or I will let myself in just so that you can come back ,

but here whats the word that mean "myself" and "let". I need the exact meaning to English, Thanks

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hopelet     Eylül 1st, 2011

Lie to me and I will believe you again if only you come back to me.

ladida-91     Eylül 3rd, 2011

Каква е целта на твоя пост,че нещо не мога да разбера ? Laughing out loud

hinotori2772     Eylül 12th, 2011

Това е превода на "(лъжи ме) пак ще ти се вържа само да се върнеш" Smile) явно...

kazablue     Temmuz 15th, 2011

Not need it was a mistake
How much time it takes for someone to translate a song? Smile

MayGoLoco     Temmuz 14th, 2011

Yes, I see you've done it correctly this time Wink
Are you sure you want a Flemish translation of Djordan or was that a mistake?

kazablue     Temmuz 13th, 2011

ok just now I understand how to do this Smile
1. find the arist
2. add the song
3. add RQ just with name of the song

MayGoLoco     Temmuz 13th, 2011

Please read how to request translations: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/how-request-translation