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Hello everyone!
My name is Nata, i'm from Saint-Petesburg, Russia. In the end of the year i will move to live in Egypt. I was surprised to find this website - u r doing a great job here. Its so important to get the idea of ur favorite songs. Hope i also can help someone Regular smile

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Welcome, I'm glad you like the site Regular smile


Hi and a warm welcome to you. Как говорится,- Наслаждайтесь сайтом! Regular smile

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Welcome to LT Teeth smile

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Welcome! Regular smile

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Thank u all, u r so friendly)
rakiuzo - уже наслаждаюсь вовсю - хорошая зарядка для мозгов:)

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Привет, Ната. Рад буду любой мало-мальски значимой помощи в моих переводах, что прежних (с беспощадной критикой), что будущих, если будет на них здоровье у меня. Счастья и здоровья Вам. Пока

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Hi Nata, you will move to Egypt and you have small piece of Egypt in St. Petersburg Regular smile I'm from Slovakia but I love Питер! I spent nice time there.
This website is great, I was surprised too! :)))

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